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Conducting modern wedding competitions and games for newlyweds and guests. The most original and fun competitions and entertainment for weddings: description, video

A wedding reception as a gala banquet with dancing after a feast is customary and boring. Games and competitions at the wedding are a great way to set the right mood, introduce guests to each other, create a relaxed atmosphere, and make the holiday bright. How to play a wedding fun tell this article.

Scenarios of unusual and interesting wedding entertainment, contests and games

A wedding banquet usually lasts 5-6 hours. Accordingly, the program of this event should be clearly structured and have a specific scenario.

Good manners suggest that guests will start arriving approximately half an hour before the bride and groom arrive.

IMPORTANT: If there is a host at the wedding, it is his responsibility to meet the arriving guests. Acquaintance should be unobtrusive, without familiarity or fawning.

Fun photo shoot

Waiting for the beginning of the banquet can be brightened up not only with a light aperitif in the "Wellcome" zone, but also with a fun photo shoot with funny accessories in a special photo zone.

Photozone Design Ideas

Wedding wish tree

Guests can also write wishes for the newlyweds and decorate the wish tree with them.

Memorable Interview

Invitees can be interviewed in order to then mount
• feature film
• comic surprise interview.

VIDEO: A comic wedding interview

Wedding Crossword

"Crossword about pair"

A pre-compiled "Crossword about Couple" will entertain guests of all ages.

Questions to the bride and groom at the wedding

The list of sample questions:

• Place of the first meeting of the bride and groom
• The city of birth of the bride
• Groom's favorite movie
• Gentle bride nickname
• Name of groom's pet
• Favorite film of the newlyweds
• Where young people go on a honeymoon

To create a "Crossword about a pair" will help online crossword compilation programs. To print a crossword should be in a format that will be convenient for reading and filling even by elderly guests.
The first guest or a group of guests who correctly complete the crossword puzzle can be awarded with a memorable prize from the bride and groom.

Wedding contest "Intuition"

  • Perfect for the first stage of dating and will allow new relatives and friends to get to know each other better.

Prepare for the competition in advance:

  • remember the invitees
  • some features
    • curious facts from life
    • their hobbies
    • the specifics of each profession (if the circle of guests is small) or several of the most interesting guests (if there are many guests)
  • Of course, the characteristics should be interesting and individual.

IMPORTANT: A statement of fact regarding the availability of higher education or recreation abroad will not be entirely appropriate.

Specifications are recorded or printed on cards and stacked in bags or boxes. In one bag are the characteristics of the guests from the groom, in another - the bride. All guests can take turns checking their intuition, as well as an expert group of several people.

Table wedding games and competitions for guests

The purpose of holding wedding wedding games and competitions: activation of guests, their rapprochement. Guests, as a rule, respond quite actively to the host’s offer to have fun on their own and to please the bride and groom.

Flashmob "Unusual wedding greetings"

The host read out the words of congratulations, and the guests together illustrate what was said with gestures.
When a word sounds
"love" guests simultaneously draw hearts in the air,
"health" - men demonstrate their biceps, their companions or ladies sitting next to them express admiration for the strength and removal of the opposite sex,
“luck” is a popular ok gesture,
"happiness" - send kisses to the bride and groom.

Table Wedding Game "Guess the Word"

On the tables letters are hidden in advance. The task of the guests on the host’s command is to find these letters and make one of thematic words out of them: wedding, bride, marriage, heart, love, etc.

VIDEO: Dinner Interactive "Guess the Word"

Traditional wedding contests: "Train", "All from nothing"

Weddings have always played. That is why among the many new trends and fashionable interactions in weddings, there is always a place for well-known classics.

Round dance "Steam Engine"

Round dance is a favorite pastime of many. In order for guests to take an active part in the general dance, it is possible to announce that those who wish the young are invited to the “train”:
• happy life
• good luck
• health

VIDEO: Wedding dance-dance "Engine"

While the leader, voicing all possible wedding wishes, walks around the hall, collecting "wagons". When the bulk of the guests formed a “train”, incendiary music is turned on and the dance begins.

You can diversify the round dance with an obstacle race with a “train”: run around columns, change speed, try to catch the last “trailer”. At the end of the melody, you can invite the participants of the round dance to hug their neighbors.

Wedding contest "All from nothing"

The conditions of this competition are extremely simple, and the conduct does not require complex props. Couples are invited to participate: male-female.
Female participants are given a roll of toilet paper. From paper you need to build a tie for the gentleman.

It doesn’t matter what kind of tie will be: classic or bow tie. The main goal is to use all the paper.
At the end of the contest, the facilitator considers how many revolutions of paper the participant made around the neck of the gentleman and offers to kiss him as many times.

No less popular as a wedding entertainment and contest "Mummy".

Fun wedding contests with dancing for newlyweds and guests, video

The wedding must certainly dance. Wedding competitions with dances for newlyweds and guests are always remembered for their bright and positive emotions.

VIDEO: Dance flash mob at the wedding

VIDEO: Competition at the wedding "Dance Battle"

VIDEO: Master class "Dance school at the wedding"

Holding wedding contests without a toastmaster. A photo

A small wedding party involves the absence of a toastmaster. Entertain guests:

Wedding karaoke contest with theme songs

Wedding game "Kornhol"

Kornhol game will appeal to guests of all ages
Rules of the game: teams try to throw pillows stuffed with peas or corn into holes on special platforms. For hitting the target, the team receives 3 points, 1 point - if the projectile was held on a slippery platform, but did not hit the target.

Wedding game "Throwing rings"

• Throwing rings. For the game you will need three plastic rings and five pins (for an open area) / five bottles (for a closed one). Four pins / bottles are mounted to form a square, the fifth element is placed in the center of the square. Players are trying to throw rings on the pins. For getting the ring on the corner pin, the player gets 5 points, and on the central one - 10. The number of attempts is set by the newlyweds

Wedding game "Limbo"

• Limbo - a classic of fun parties. To the perky music, the dancers bend back lower and lower.

Wedding game: Leaning Tower

• The Leaning Tower (Jenga). The game is suitable for outdoor areas, and for a coffee table. It all depends on the size of wooden blocks. Whetstones are stacked in a wooden tower. On each new floor, the laying direction alternates. Players begin to pull one bar from the lower floors and shift them up. The tower is getting taller, but less stable.

Interesting competitions and games for the host toastmaster

The main trend of modern weddings is to reflect the characters, hobbies, affection of the couple. However, do not forget about the guests, because the main thing that makes the wedding memorable is the atmosphere of the holiday.

VIDEO: Game for guests "Guess the melody"

VIDEO: Game for guests "Orange"

VIDEO: Interactive with children at a wedding

VIDEO: Wedding quiz contest

Wedding sweepstakes with fun prizes. Cash contests at the wedding

The tradition of buying back a piece of wedding loaf has been known since time immemorial. The guests bought out pieces of the wedding loaf for "good luck." A tribute to the ancient tradition - modern wedding cake auctions.

VIDEO: Wedding Auction

Competition for the most original wedding wishes for the newlyweds

There are a lot of ideas for original wedding greetings: from verbal greetings and toasts to creating collages from a couple’s photo. But the most popular video is congratulations.

VIDEO: Congratulations on the wedding of friends

VIDEO: Congratulations on the wedding of friends and relatives

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