Harvesting for the winter - delicious vegetable seasonings from zucchini, beets, celery, eggplant, onions, carrots: the best recipes, cooking secrets

Recipes for preparing vegetable seasonings for the winter. Tips from experienced chefs.

The resourcefulness and imagination of man knows no bounds. And if this is a caring wife and mother who has at her disposal in the summer berries, fruits, vegetables and greens, then she is surely engaged in conservation for the winter.

Here is its field of activity in order to prepare seasonings tasty and preserve maximum benefits for all who will eat them.

The hot season in late summer and early autumn is a blessed period when our tables are bursting with fresh vegetables and fruits. And on the shoulders of women involved in canning for the winter, an increased burden falls, the so-called battle for the harvest.

We continue the topic of homemade preparations for the future with a selection of vegetable recipes and the secrets of their creation from experienced housewives.

Seasoning from zucchini for the winter

beautiful aromatic seasoning from zucchini in jars and in a bowl on the table

In winter, we like to season main courses with delicious sauces. For example, adjika from zucchini.

ingredients for the winter squash seasoning recipe


  • cut the washed zucchini into 4-6 parts with petals and chop through a meat grinder. Do the same with fresh bell peppers,
  • add sugar, salt, butter, tomato paste and peppers,
  • mix and place in a cooking pot,
  • bring the squash to a boil and leave a low heat for another hour. Remember the regularity of stirring,
  • introduce chopped stalks of garlic and vinegar. Leave the sauce to languish for another 10 minutes,
  • put hot adjika in sterile jars prepared in advance,
  • turn them over onto the lid and wrap them with a blanket for a day,
  • Store in a room with a constant room temperature.

Vegetable seasoning from zucchini, yellow plums and apples

multicolored zucchini, yellow plums and apples in plates for preparing seasoning for the winter

This seasoning is not quite vegetable, since we add apples and plums to it. If you decide to simply boil all the ingredients without sugar, you get aromatic and tasty mashed potatoes for children.

So you need:

  • yellow plums
  • zucchini
  • sweet and sour apples, for example, antonovka


  • wash all the ingredients
  • remove the core from apples. By the way, it will make an excellent compote, which you can roll up in cans or immediately drink,
  • cut apples into slices,
  • take the seeds out of the plums,
  • cut zucchini into cubes,
  • put all the components of the sauce in pans separately from each other, since the time for their softening during heating is different,
  • pour apples and zucchini into a glass of water per 1 kg,
  • when the zucchini, plums and apples let the juice go well, turn off the heat under them,
  • pass the soft ingredients through a meat grinder / blender / food processor,
  • put them in sterile jars and tighten the lids,
  • turn all the banks upside down, wrap them in a blanket,
  • in a day, move the fruit and vegetable puree to the cellar for storage.

Celery Root Seasoning

ingredients in one quantity for preparing celery root seasoning for the winter

Hostess celery is prepared for the winter in a variety of ways:

  • separately root crops and leaves
  • with salt and seasonings
  • adding other vegetables

We are interested in the method of harvesting celery root for the winter. For example, cook it in a marinade.

Celery seasoning recipe for the winter

Another way to cook spicy celery root seasoning:

  • cut it into rings and dry it in the oven,
  • put a part in a dry container for storage, and send a part with a dry pod of red pepper in a meat grinder,
  • scroll through both ingredients and add to those dishes that have decided to ennoble with a spicy taste.

Beetroot seasoning for winter

boiled beets and seasoning from it for storage until winter

Beets are rich in useful ingredients in raw and baked form. But for seasoning with a shelf life of up to winter it will have to be cooked.

Beetroot winter seasoning recipe

Then distribute in jars and sterilize everything together. Choose containers of the same volume for this process, since the duration of the procedure is different. For example, for 0.5 liter cans it is a quarter of an hour, and for a liter can - 25 minutes.

Cork with lids and transfer to storage.

Vegetable seasoning for the winter: recipes

peeled and washed various vegetables for preparing seasoning for the winter

Prefabricated vegetable seasonings are good for preservation and as a side dish, and sauce, and dressing for the first dish.

Add a couple of successful time-tested and gourmet recipes.

Recipe 1

combined vegetable seasoning in an open jar

You need:

ingredients for winter vegetable seasoning for preservation


  • peel the vegetables and wash them, cut the tomatoes and apples into slices,
  • remove apples and peppers from the center with seeds, sort the garlic into the teeth,
  • chop tomatoes, apples and peppers in a combine / meat grinder,
  • fold in a pan, adding vegetable oil,
  • cook a couple of hours on moderate heat, stirring occasionally,
  • introduce loose ingredients with vinegar, mix and promise to simmer for another half hour,
  • chop the garlic in the garlic and add to the sauce,
  • keep the seasoning on fire for another half an hour, then turn it off,
  • prepare jars in advance by sterilizing them and lids,
  • pour hot sauce into containers and roll up,
  • when cool, store them in a cool place.

Recipe 2

finely chopped vegetables before cooking seasoning for the winter

You need:

ingredients for another vegetable seasoning for the winter


  • peel the seeds, stalks, seeds, peel vegetables and cherry plum,
  • Put the cherry plum in a container with a glass of water and send to a low heat until softened,
  • grind it in mashed potatoes,
  • cut tomatoes into slices, onions - rings, carrots - on a grater, pepper - slices, garlic, pass through the garlic,
  • in puree of cherry plum add all the prepared vegetables and leave to cook for half an hour. Stir the mass in the cooking process,
  • introduce loose and fragrant components, again half an hour,
  • put the hot seasoning in sterile jars, turn them over onto the lids, wrap them with a blanket until they cool completely,
  • Take to a place to store winter preserves.

Eggplant seasoning for winter

fresh ingredients and eggplant seasoning in a jar

Eggplant goes well with the sharp ingredients in winter preparations.

For example, prepare such an option.

ingredients for vegetable seasoning with eggplant for the winter


  • wash the eggplants and cut them into thin rings. Lightly add salt
  • fold on a wooden board at an acute angle and leave for an hour. This will ensure the disappearance of bitterness,
  • chop the peppers, drain the garlic through the garlic,
  • sauté the eggplant until golden brown, then the peppers and garlic. Put them separately in containers,
  • pour vinegar into the pepper-garlic mixture and mix,
  • wash the food layer of the jar, pour boiling water over them, let dry,
  • spread the seasoning in layers - eggplant, top with pepper and garlic and repeat again,
  • pour a small amount of vegetable oil into a filled jar and cork,
  • wrap containers with seasoning until completely cooled,
  • take to the cellar before winter.

Salted seasoning from vegetables for the winter

option of a vegetable set for seasoning for the winter

Instead of heat-treated vegetable seasonings, cook fresh with the addition of a large amount of salt.

This recipe is good because you can:

  • take any variety of fresh vegetables and herbs that grow in the garden,
  • put all the crushed ingredients raw under the lid,
  • save time on a healthy and fragrant seasoning.

For example, take:

winter seasoning vegetable list


  • pass through a meat grinder or chop all clean vegetables without seeds in a food processor,
  • finely chop the greens
  • mix everything in a deep container
  • add salt from the calculation of 1 part to 2 parts of a green vegetable mixture,
  • mix and place in sterile jars. Press the mallet well,
  • sprinkle with a thin layer of salt on top and close with nylon covers,
  • keep in a cool place
  • to add to salads or first dishes, season the seasoning with a dry clean spoon from a jar, which you store in the refrigerator. By the way, completely refuse to add salt to the dish if you add a fragrant vegetable summer mixture.

Onion seasoning for the winter from fried onions

unpeeled onions in a plate, selected for cooking seasoning from fried onions

A universal preparation for saving time on frying soups and borsch in the winter.

You need:

  • onions 1 kg
  • vegetable oil 1.5 l
  • salt and spices to taste


  • chop the onion into medium pieces, put in a deep bowl, sprinkle with salt and spices that you like, mix,
  • heat a frying pan with thick walls over medium heat and pour oil to close the bottom,
  • fill the onion and fry until it acquires a beautiful caramel color,
  • be sure to stir it during cooking and add oil. The bow must float in it constantly
  • transfer the contents of the pan to sterile jars and be sure to make a little vegetable oil on top of each,
  • close the lids and store when the seasoning jars have cooled completely.

Onion seasoning with carrots

onions and carrots are fried before preparing seasoning for the winter

In other words, prepare seasoning for winter soups.

recipe for vegetable seasoning soup preservation for the winter

Seasoning from carrots for the winter: recipes

carrots on a table in a jar, whole and sliced ​​in rings

Recipe 1

You need:

ingredients for carrot seasoning for the winter


the procedure for preparing seasonings with carrots for the winter

Recipe 2

raw ingredients for making delicious seasoning for the winter

You need for 5 liters of ready-made seasoning:

list of products for preparing another version of vegetable seasoning with carrots


  • peel the carrots, wash and chop with straws
  • put in a frying pan and fry oil on the vegetation until the vegetable is soft
  • transfer the carrots and butter to the cooking pot
  • salt, pour tomato sauce
  • mix thoroughly and bring to a boil over moderate heat
  • boil for 10 minutes and turn off the heating under the seasoning pan
  • fill sterile jars, leaving a couple of centimeters free
  • cover each lid and sterilize in hot water for 30-45 minutes depending on the volume of cans
  • plug with tin lids
  • let cool and transfer to a cool place

Seasoning from vegetables: cooking secrets

girl in a hurry to close vegetable seasonings for the winter
  • For soup seasonings, take a small amount of garlic and tomato, as they are not the main ingredients of these dishes. A couple of pieces of one and the second is enough to emphasize the aroma and taste of the remaining components of the seasoning from the can.
  • Sterilize the jars in any convenient way - steamed, in the oven, in boiling water.
  • Be sure to wash the cans inside with regular soda.
  • Feel free to experiment with spices. They will make the taste of vegetables brighter.
  • After laying the hot seasoning in jars and seals, turn them over onto the lid and wrap them up. So the marinade will fill all the cracks and your preservation will easily stand all the time until the opening in winter or next year.
  • Use dry table or sea salt, as well as the most common vinegar.
  • Choose the right place to store vegetable seasonings. They must be removed from the batteries and the kitchen if you live in an apartment.

So, we examined in detail the features of cooking seasonings from vegetables for the winter, wrote down interesting recipes and replenished the piggy bank with the secrets of experienced housewives.

Cook with joy and pleasure. Then your goodies from cans will please both home, and guests, and friends.

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