How to distinguish fake perfumes Chanel, Empress, Lacoste, Molecule, Montal, Dior Versace, Gucci, Eclat, Amuage from the original: comparison, shopping tips

In this article we will check how much you can determine the originality of spirits.

Perfume is the greatest female weakness. If a woman can buy lipsticks, shadows and pencils once a year and on the market, then the fair sex is more thoroughly chosen and selected.

Agree, giving a lot of money for the goods, we want to get exactly what we bought or ordered. The quality of the goods in this business will always come first. However, it will not be a secret to anyone that there is now a huge number of scammers who give out cheap fakes for expensive and high-quality originals. Today we will learn how to identify a fake from the original of the most popular perfumes.

How to distinguish a fake Chanel perfume and determine authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

The Chanel brand does not need a special introduction, because all the fair sex already know what Chanel perfumes are. Unfortunately, today there are a huge number of fakes of these spirits, which are sold well to unsuspecting women. Agree, it’s one thing to consciously buy a fake and pay a small amount of money for such a perfume, it’s quite another thing to give money as for the original and get tinted water.

So, let's look at an example of how you can distinguish a fake Chanel perfume from a script. We take Chanel Chance perfume as an example:

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to is the box.
  • Pay attention to how the name of the perfume is written, whether there are errors in the spelling, perhaps some mandatory inscription is simply not written.
  • So, for example, the original packaging must necessarily have the inscription "EAU FRAICHE".
Fake or original
  • The font with which the rest of the words are written on the original packaging is quite small, however, the words do not blur, are clearly visible, it will not be difficult to read them. While on the fake packaging all the words written in small fonts simply merge.
  • The color of the package also matters. It is clear that if the original box is, for example, pink, then they will not make fake red. However, the shades can be different and if you look closely, it will be noticeable. So, for example, the original Chanel Chance perfume box has a delicate peach-pink color, and fake - a very light pink.
  • Now go directly to the perfume bottle itself.
  • Again, look at how the labels are written on the bottle. The inscription should be written carefully, clearly, without any smeared letters. If you notice that at least 1 letter is erased or slightly erased - this is a fake.
  • Look at the glass the bottle is made of. The original Chanel Chance perfume has a very thin glass, while the fake - the glass is much thicker.
  • Another point with glass. Look through the bottle of perfume if the image is very distorted and blurred, this indicates a fake, since it has a completely uneven glass structure.
Recognize fake or original by bottle
  • Duct and atomizer. The original of these perfumes does not have any foreign objects that would connect the sprayer to the tube, because the original tube is used. In a fake, you can often see a kind of adapter, because initially the tube is used one that would fit any bottle. The tube should reach the very bottom of the bottle, in fakes the tube always does not reach the bottom, which is why when there is very little perfume, it becomes impossible to use them.
  • The cap of the original perfume always "sits" tightly on the bottle, and when you open the perfume, you can even hear a click. Fakes always open easily, moreover, very often caps from such bottles simply fly off.
  • For the original Chanel Chance perfumes, the entire perimeter of the bottle has a not too wide metal strip, the metal from which it is made is very thick. For fake perfumes, the strip may be absent altogether or differ in thickness from that in the original, it will also be wider.
  • Butch code. Original perfumes, not only Chanel, must have a batch code, which is applied on the packaging itself. The absence of such an element clearly indicates that the original is not in your hands. It must also be said that there may be a batch code on non-original packaging, but it will most likely be incorrect. If we consider the example of Chanel Chance perfume, then the batch code will be 5721. Verification of authenticity using the batch code is very simple. Use the site. On this site you can easily find out if the correct batch code is indicated on the package. To do this, select the manufacturer in the "manufacturer" field, enter the batch code indicated on the product and see the answer.
  • At the bottom of the bottle there is a small plate on which some information about perfume is also indicated. So, the original is neat, the inscriptions are clear, the letters are clear, there are no errors in the written words. In a fake, everything is exactly the opposite.
Identify fake
  • If we talk about the perfume that you use, then look at the smell resistance. A fake perfume gives the fragrance lasting no more than a few hours, while the original perfume will delight you with a smell for about 10-12 hours, or even all day.

In order to reduce the chance of buying low-quality, non-original perfumes, we advise you to buy such goods only in specialized stores and at the same time, even in such places, do not ignore the above information. Do not be afraid to ask sellers questions and look funny, because no one will return the money spent after buying the product, absolutely, like the original perfume, it just will not give.

How to distinguish a fake Empress Empress and determine authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

Perfumes of the Empress appeared before the fair sex in 2009 and since then have successfully gained their popularity. Since this perfume is very popular and in demand among women, it is often possible to buy a cheap fake instead of the original. However, it will be cheap only in determining its quality, the price, as a rule, will be the same as the original.

In order not to fall for the tricks of fraudsters, use the following information when buying perfumes Empress from Dolce Gabbana:

  • We look at the box of perfumes. Find the product barcode on the box. Now look how the perfume label is located relative to the barcode. Remember, in our case the inscription should be exclusively above the code, other spelling options, for example, under the code, on the side say that it is a fake. The main inscription on the packaging of perfumes The Empress should be black, however, not bright, but slightly dull.
  • Pay attention to the bottom of the package, do you see the inscription "Pour Femme" there? If not, immediately put the product aside, as the original packaging must have such an inscription. There may be another option: there is an inscription, but it is written with an error or inaccurate - you also need to pay attention to this.
Identify fake perfume
  • Now look at the bottle itself. Empress perfumes boast a very delicate pink color of the liquid, while fakes can have different colors from bright pink to yellowish and greenish.
  • At the bottom of the perfume there should be a sticker on which the original perfume code will be embossed.
  • When you open the perfume, you should feel that the cap is very heavy, this is due to the fact that manufacturers do not save on the material from which it is made. The cover of fake perfumes will be made of low-quality plastic, it will open easily, and it will not be firmly held on the bottle.
  • Let's look at the spray gun, because this is a very important detail. Its color must be white, but not gray and not black.
  • On the back of the package should not be any inscriptions in any frames, strokes.
  • Also on the back of the package should be visible a small seam that appears due to bonding of mica
  • If you are a more experienced buyer, pay attention to the aroma of perfume. A real perfume scent The Empress should have notes of watermelon, kiwi, musk, pink cyclamen, and patchouli chords.

We also recommend that you do not forget that the probability of buying original perfumes increases if you go shopping at a specialized store, because you must understand that you cannot buy real perfumes on the market, in a regular store, on a layout.

How to distinguish a fake Molecule perfume and determine the authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

The perfume of the Molecule quickly won a whole army of fans, and all because they are completely different from all the perfumes that exist today. Perfume Molecule is a unique, incomparable fragrance that does not have the usual initial notes for all other perfumes.

You can distinguish an original from a fake by turning your attention to the following features of perfumes:

  • Arriving at the store, initially our sight is attracted by the packaging of goods. Therefore, make sure that the packaging is necessarily covered with a film. This film is neat, thin, they fit the packaging very carefully, so it does not have bumps, folds, or hitches. If you pick up not real perfumes, you will see that the film does not fit snugly on the package, it is thick, wrapped inaccurately.
  • The box itself should also not cause questions. It should be smooth, beautiful, neat, without wrinkled edges, scratches and dents. Cardboard should be tight. If we talk about the perfume of the Molecule, then the patterns on the packaging of this perfume are not catchy, however, clear and neat, as well as the inscriptions. Seeing the bright packaging, on which there are colorful signs, be sure you have a quality Polish or low-quality Chinese fake.
  • We look at the bottle. Taking the bottle of perfume in your hands, you should see that the glass from which it is made is very thin, and the drawing on the bottle is not transparent. A fake always differs in that the pattern on it is transparent due to the fact that the paint was applied in bad faith, and its quality clearly desires the best.
Distinguish a fake perfume
  • Now is the time to inspect the perfume pipe. If you see that the tube is thick, dense, completely missing to the bottom or vice versa is very long, because of which it is twisted along the bottom of the perfume - in the hands of a fake. Original perfumes have a thin tube.
  • The atomizer in the original perfume is attached neatly and it is impossible to see any metal folds there.
  • Also look at the bottom of spirits. A low-quality fake has a very uneven, thick bottom.
  • The real perfume of the Molecule, or rather the bottle in which they are located, is made whole, and fakes are always “glued” from 2 parts, therefore, touching the bottle on the side, clearly feel unpleasant seams at the fake.
  • Of course, do not forget about the persistence of the fragrance and its price. Of course, even for a fake you can be asked for a lot of money, however, even more you should be alerted that for a penny you are offered to buy the original. Or they hide the fact of fakes for stocks and discounts, so do not miss the perfume on sales. You must understand that an expensive persistent smell, which is in great demand even among celebrities, does not need to be sold at discounts, for example, at half price. Focus on the fact that for real perfumes with a volume of 100 ml they will ask you for a minimum of $ 60.
  • Pay attention to the volume of perfume. More often you can find fake perfumes of large volume, since, for example, making fakes with a volume of 30 ml is not beneficial for anyone.
  • Well, and finally, look at the bottom of the bottle, there you should see the same original four-digit code, which should coincide with the code on the product packaging. If such a code is on the box, but on the bottle it is not there, or vice versa, or it is not at all - in the hands again a fake.

How to distinguish fake perfume Montal and determine authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

Montal perfumes are also in great demand, so now we will consider the features of this perfume and understand how to choose it.

  • Consider the packaging. The cardboard is again dense, high-quality, even, there are no wrinkled edges, dents or other defects indicating that there is a fake perfume in hand. The inscriptions are made clearly, there are no errors in the spelling, the letters of the inscription are slightly extruded, it is easy to check by simply swiping the inscription itself. An important point: the name of the perfume is not written on the package itself, but on the sticker, which should be glued evenly, neatly, and there should be no visible signs of gluing.
  • Find the product barcode. It can be applied both on the back of the package and at the very bottom. If you did not find the code, do not panic. The fact is that in our country there is a chance to meet the so-called "decoded" Montal, which was originally intended for sale, for example, in Poland. Here on such a product, the barcode is simply overwritten. Despite this, it is important to evaluate all the criteria together. If, apart from the barcode, nothing else alerted you, perhaps this is the option we described, if in addition to this you see a bunch of other inconsistencies, then most likely this product is fake.
  • The bottle itself must be inspected for scuffs and scratches. The paint on the bottle should be evenly and accurately applied, but its color may vary, because it changes quite often. If the name of the perfume is made on a neatly glued sticker, then it is hardly worth paying attention to the changed color of the bottle.
Distinguish fake Montal

All Montal bottles open, but this, of course, can only be seen after opening the package. Nevertheless, having unscrewed the atomizer, you should see:

  • The neck of the bottle is high quality painted.
  • Gum may be available
  • The nozzle is black
  • There is a clothespin that holds the head of the sprayer itself
  • A logo is visible on a clothespin
  • If you flip the bottle, we see the bottom. It should be free of scratches, bumps, adhesions. The only thing is that it should be slightly pressed inward (in the center of the bottle)
  • Montal perfume has a special pouch. It can be sewn from different materials, but the workmanship is always on top, so inspect it for rough seams, protruding threads, etc. Also, the logo should be on the bag
  • If we consider bottles with a capacity of 100 ml and 50 ml, then all the labels on the back of the package should be exclusively in English

How to distinguish fake Dior perfume and determine authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

Perfume Dior, this is perhaps the dream of any woman and girl. However, to make such a gift to your beloved is not so simple, because the price of real perfumed water is very high. In order not to "throw" money to the wind, read the following information.

  • We begin to consider the goods with packaging. The cardboard, which is used to package the original Dior perfume, has a matte finish, and the lines that are applied to it are stamped at an angle of only 30 degrees. If you look at the packaging of a fake perfume, then the cardboard will be cheap, easy to wrinkle, and the lines will be drawn at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • A piece of cardboard is a “tongue”, with the help of which all packages are usually closed, counterfeit spirits have much more than real spirits.
  • If you pay attention to the bottom of the perfume, it is clearly seen that the original eau de parfum on the label has a white lettering font, while the fake one is gold. Since we are dealing with eau de parfum, the inscription "EAU DE PARFUM" should be visible at the bottom of this perfume. You can also find this inscription on a fake, but most likely it will be barely visible or it will be written sloppy and poorly, which will lead to the fact that it will be easily erased.
  • The tube, with the help of which the aroma is sprayed on the fake, is short, because of which it does not reach the bottom or is long, because of which it is twisted in the bottle. The original is different in that its tube is moderately long and neat, goes to the bottom, not abutting against it.
Distinguish original from fake
  • In this case, the bottom of the original perfumed water will be much thicker than that of fake.
  • You should also pay attention to the plastic overlay on the perfume bottle. On a non-real bottle, the patch has rings, the distance between which is very insignificant, while the original, the distance between the rings is much greater.
  • The obligatory sticker "CD" for real perfumes is visible on the side of the mica, and for fake ones in the center.
  • If you pay attention to the list of ingredients that make up perfumed water, you will see that the original has significantly less.
  • The security code can be in different places, with the original perfume, if you turn the package over and look at its bottom, it is at the bottom, and for fake ones at the top.
  • Butch code can also suggest a fake. For example, for Dior Zhador the batcode will be 3M02, and for fake it will be 4M04.

When buying such an expensive perfumed water, pay attention to even the smallest little things. Indeed, a small scratch, a bent corner of the package can tell you that they want to deceive you.

How to distinguish Versace's fake perfume and determine authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

Surely everyone knows that Versace is the most famous Italian fashion house, which, in addition to specializing in clothing and accessories, also specializes in high-quality perfumes. Unfortunately, scammers who give out fakes for an expensive original are popular with Versace perfumes.

Let's see how you can distinguish fake perfumes from the original. Let’s take a look at Versace Bright Crystal perfume.

Compare product packaging. If you put together two products - the original perfume of Versace and the fake, then we will see the following:

  • The inscription on the original is written in different fonts, namely, the letters are not so close to each other as on a fake.
  • The original packaging is slightly higher than fake.
Packing difference
  • On the back of the package we will again see the wrong font and spelling mistake - "YELLOW 6", which is written on a fake without a closing bow.
  • A tube. In the original perfume of Versace, it is located right to the bottom, its color is almost transparent. A fake cannot boast of such a tube, because here the tube rests on the bottom and is wrapped due to contact with it.
  • The color of the liquid in the bottle has a subtle pink tint, while the fake has a more saturated color.
  • At the bottom of the bottle you can see the stamped code. Such a code will be on the original and on the fake. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality of writing inscriptions, font, letter size.
The difference in bottles
  • Look at the cap of perfume. If in the original perfume the cap has clearly visible, slightly island edges, then in a fake the edges are more rounded.

If possible, evaluate the persistence of the smell, and also adequately assess the cost of perfumes. Do not forget, quality involves a certain cost. Well, of course, do not forget about the place of purchase of perfume - specialized shops and boutiques are best suited.

How to distinguish fake Gucci perfumes and determine authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

Gucci perfume is first of all sophistication, luxury and, of course, a sign of high status. Therefore, nobody would definitely like to buy a fake at the cost of the original. Well, let's see the main differences between real Gucci spirits from fake.

Of course, there are many popular and best-selling flavors of this brand, however, we will consider the differences on the example of Gucci Eau de Parfum II perfume.

  • We see the box and turn our attention to how it is packed, by the way, the fact that the bottle should be in the package is undeniable, remember this. So, the box of the original perfume should be sealed in a thin film, while the film should not be connected with glue, as is usually the case with a fake, but thermally. That is why, we should not see traces of glue, wrinkles and other irregularities on the film.
  • Take the box in your hands and try to shake slightly, do this, of course, very carefully. Do you hear the perfume knocking on the box? Before you is definitely a fake, in real Gucci perfumes there is a special insert in the box that does not allow the bottle to move freely.
  • Check if there is a unique number on the bottle and on the packaging, if at least somewhere it is missing or does not match - in the hands of a fake.
Distinguish fake from original
  • The glass from which the bottle of real perfumes is made is thin, but durable, because of the subtlety the bottle looks very neat and beautiful. Fakes are most often made of thick glass, and the bottle takes on a very untidy appearance.
  • If possible, open the perfume lid. Easy to open? This means that you are not holding a real perfume in your hands. Clicked and had to make a little effort to open? Everything is in order, this is a sign of the original.
  • The tube, as in the other original perfumes, must be of such length as the bottle, so that it reaches exactly to the bottom, but does not rest against it.
  • The color of the liquid in the vial should be extremely transparent, without any shades. There should not be any impurities in the liquid.

How to distinguish fake Amuage perfume and determine authenticity and quality: comparison, tips

Perfumery Amuazh is rapidly gaining popularity, so it is worth talking about it. So, to distinguish a fake from the original, it is worth using the following information:

  • Immediately understand for yourself one simple truth that the price of this perfumery is high, since it uses very high-quality, and most importantly natural ingredients
  • Again, check the integrity of the package, the absence of dents, chips, peeling paint
  • Be sure to pay attention to whether there is a barcode
  • Look, whether the inscriptions are written correctly, whether the stickers are glued evenly (on those perfumes where they should be in principle)
  • On the original packaging, either Oman or the United Kingdom must be indicated as the manufacturer
  • Original perfumes do not have thick edging at the base of the bottle
  • If you open the box with perfume, you will see that inside it has a velvety coating
  • After inspecting the cap from the perfume, notice the pebble "Swarovski"
  • For some time now, all caps of these perfumes have been compulsorily fixed using a magnet. He is not and the perfume of the "fresh" release? Before you is a fake
  • At the bottom there will be a mandatory batch code if we are holding the original
  • Look at the spray gun. In the original perfume, it is 3-tier, and on the lower section there is always an engraving with the name
Perfume Amuage

Well, now summarize all of the above:

  • Buy expensive perfumes only in specialized stores, as there is much less chance to buy a fake. Moreover, if you still doubted the quality of the goods, then in this store you will be able to request a certificate that will confirm the quality of the perfume
  • Do not believe in stocks and sales, it is very difficult to buy original perfumes at a discount
  • Find fault with trifles and do not be afraid to look ridiculous, you have the right to receive quality goods for your money
  • Carefully inspect the quality of the packaging and the bottle, the slightest doubt should force you to conduct a more thorough inspection of the product and become more familiar with the information about it
  • If possible, look at the official website and see how perfumes should look

As you can see, it is still possible to distinguish a fake perfume from the original, but for this you need to take the purchase as seriously as possible.

If you don’t want to regret the money thrown away, study the information about the products you like in advance, and ask for professional advice and quality certificates at the store.

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