Why does the washing machine water hose flow? Repair and installation of the washing machine water supply hose: instruction

Replacing and repairing the washing machine water supply hose.

A washing machine is one of the most essential household appliances. It helps to keep clothes clean, so the breakdown of this device is always a disorder for the hostess. After all, from this moment she will have to wash things manually. One of the causes of malfunction or damage to the device is damage to the hose. In this article we will talk about the water supply hose and the breakdowns that are associated with it.

Water in the washing machine is leaking: reasons

Often, after installing the washing machine, during washing, we can find a puddle on the floor. This is very bad, because it can cause a short circuit or electric shock to someone from the household. Therefore, the problem should be solved immediately.

Reasons for leaking water inlet hose:

  • One possible reason is breakage of the inlet hose a washing machine. Perhaps the hose is intact, and the breakdown is connected with the places where the hose joins the water supply.
  • The cause of the leakage of the water supply hose may be bad connection. This happens if during installation the master did not tighten the connection well, therefore there is a gap. Because of this, a leak appears at the junction.
  • Wrong hose position. It happens if the hose at the junction with the pipe is bent, pinched. Because of this, a leak appears. In this case, you must correctly install the hose by changing its position.
  • Gasket wear. It happens if your washing machine is old enough. Due to constant mechanical vibrations and high water pressure, the gasket wears out. Because of this, a problem appears.
  • Poor joining of plastic and rubber in the hose. The fact is that over time, rubber loses its elasticity and shape. Therefore, it is poorly fixed, leakage occurs. Often this problem appears when changing the position of the car, in the event that you move or change the place in the apartment.
Flowing water hose in the washing machine

Replacing the water inlet in the washing machine: instructions

Replacing the water supply hose is a fairly simple manipulation. A person who is far from repairing washing machines, that is, any household, can easily cope with it. Any man can do it.


  • It is necessary to turn off the water supply in the water pipes using a special valve. Next, you need to remove the old hose from the washing machine, and also unscrew it from the point of connection to the water supply.
  • It is necessary to connect a new hose, tighten it tightly at the attachment points, turn on the water supply.
  • Look: is there a leak or not? If you screw the hose tight enough, it is at the right angle, then there will be no leakage
  • If a leak appears, it is necessary to try to tighten the nuts in the fasteners harder. Please note that you must not apply strong force so as not to break the thread. It is better to try again to tighten the nuts on the thread.
Replacing the water hose in the washing machine

How to extend the water inlet hose of the washing machine?

In most cases, a washing machine is perceived not as an expensive household appliance, but as a workhorse, which saves time and also keeps your clothes clean. Very often during the purchase, especially in a new apartment, few people think where this car will be. During installation, some troubles arise due to the fact that the length of the water supply hose is not enough to connect the device.

There are two solutions to the problem:

  • Change the location of the machine
  • Extend hose

Remember that for normal operation of the machine, the hose length must not exceed 3 meters. There is a large selection of hoses in the plumbing shop, so you can easily purchase a new one. Most often, difficulties arise with the purchase of hoses of non-standard sizes, that is, a longer length than the standard. In this case, the hose of the required length may not be in the store. You can solve the situation by connecting the two hoses.

extend the hose for the washing machine Brass nipple


  • To do this, a brass nipple is taken and two hoses are simply wound around it at the edges
  • Next, the connection is as usual
  • One part is connected to the washing machine, and the second to the water supply

In the event of a leak in the water supply hose, you can try to fix the problem with your own hands, without acquiring a new hose. This method is suitable if the gasket is out of order. In this case, you just need to replace it with a new one. They are sold anywhere in the market or in a plumbing store. If this doesn’t help much, the cause of the hose leak is accumulation of dirt or drying out of the rubber. In this case, there are no options for repairing the hose. Have to buy a new one.

Water hose for washing machine

As you can see, repairing and lengthening the water supply hose of a washing machine is a fairly simple manipulation that almost anyone can handle. We advise you to seek help from a specialist if you do not have the relevant knowledge or if you doubt that you can do all the work yourself.

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