Hanukkah Jewish holiday in 2019: what date? Hanukkah holiday 2019: congratulations, holiday script for children, recipes

How to celebrate Hanukkah? Traditions, scripts and recipes for treats.

The festival of lights or Hanukkah is an ancient Jewish holiday that began to be celebrated from the second era to our time. It is worth noting that the Jewish calendar is different from the usual Gregorian calendar, so every year Hanukkah is celebrated on different days.

Hanukkah Jewish holiday in 2019: what date, how many days does it last?

In total, this holiday lasts 8 days.

  • In 2019, Jews will congratulate each other on this liberation holiday beginning at the end of the day December 22 at the end of the day December 30th.

For the Jewish people, this holiday means a lot, since it was from him that the people began to openly pray to their God and build shrines.

Hanukkah Jewish holiday in 2019: what date, how many days does it last?

What is Hanukkah among the Jews: meaning, history of the holiday, traditions, symbols

This holiday has a great story. Hanukkah means “they have gained peace.” This applies to Jews who wanted to believe in their religion and live by their own laws.

Initially, Greeks and Jews coexisted peacefully in the same territory, peoples did not try to impose their religion and belief on each other. That is why they lived peacefully. But that all changed with the coming to power of Antiochus, who tried to ban Jews from abiding by the laws of Shabbat and doing circumcision.

At that time, the Jews were afraid for their lives, since the naughty were punished. But still the people secretly believed in their religion. The last straw was the desecration of the Jerusalem temple, where, on the orders of the ruler, the altar of Zeus was established. It was then in Modin that the first rebellion arose, which grew into a serious war.

In total, the war lasted 25 years. Such a long period is associated with a lack of Jews in the number of military men. That is why the Jews acted secretly. The battle ended in victory for the Jews. Then the altar of Zeus was removed from the temple and the icons were restored. But in order to light the lights in the temple, there was very little oil left, which should have been enough for one day. It took 8 days to prepare a new one. But they lit the lights and they miraculously burned for exactly 8 days. That is why Hanukkah is called the festival of lights.

Hanukkah traditions:

  • In general, this holiday is considered to be children's, as only schoolchildren rest during this period. For all the rest, working days.
  • Parents give children money for toys.
  • Prayers are held before and after sunset.
  • Sweet treats for adult children.
  • Cooking potato pancakes.
  • Every day a certain number of candles are lit.

Among the main symbols of the holiday is menoria. This is a kind of candlestick, which is placed in the center of the house and light candles in it.

What is Hanukkah among the Jews: meaning, history of the holiday, traditions, symbols

Hanukkah 2019: holiday script for children

Since Hanukkah is considered a holiday for children, during this period entertaining events are organized for them.

Sample children's holiday scenario:

  • Presenter: Children, today is a celebration of lights, so let's light candles and remember those thanks to whom we can openly believe and pray (children pick up candlesticks and walk around the hall in circles. Jewish music sounds.
  • Presenter: And now let's bake a traditional dish that is served during this period. Children are given potatoes, flour, eggs. They should make pancakes from products. This competition can be held exclusively among students. If the children are small, you can just sculpt pancakes from plasticine for speed. Get a kind of competition.
  • Presenter: Children who have prepared poems for parents, let us please them (children take turns and read poems).
  • Presenter: Children, now it’s the turn of the parents to thank you and prepared poems. Parents give children Hanukkah money to buy toys.

Poems for children:

Happy holiday, happy holiday
Happy holiday of light.
I sincerely congratulate you on Hanukkah.
May these days be warmed by the sun.
And suvganiya will be delicious for tea.

Smiles and joy sparkle everywhere.
Fun will help to cheer up.
Candles were lit, and a miracle happened.
Children are happy, parents too.

Let the Chanukah fire obscure
From any problems from any inclement weather.
Like stars, let the children pour in the palm of your hand:
Love and care, may all be happy.

Hanukkah 2019: holiday script for children

Hanukkah 2019: congratulations

On this day, you should definitely congratulate your loved ones and relatives. You can compose poems on your own or select from available on the net.

Options for congratulations on Hanukkah:

Temples today shine bright
With all the candles and all eight days
Hanukkah celebrates us all
It gives us warmth from these lights!

Let the flame burn brighter
Hanukkah will give us all warmth
Candle festival, good festival,
May it always be light with him!

Hanukkah: Congratulations

Hanukkah celebration: what to cook?

During this period, it is customary to cook potato pancakes and donuts with jam. Such dishes can be considered traditional.

On this day, it is not customary to fast, it is best to enjoy life and cook holiday food. Potato pancakes, to which sour cream can be served, are very suitable.


  • 5 potato tubers
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 onions
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Matzoh flour


  • Peel the vegetables and grind in a blender or grater. Insert eggs and some flour. Salt and add pepper.
  • It is necessary that the dough is a little liquid. Heat oil in a frying pan and pour the pancakes with a tablespoon.
  • Sauté until brown. Can be served with sour cream and herbs.
Hanukkah: what to cook?

Hanukkah Donut Recipe

During this period, it is customary to cook donuts with jam. This is a great treat for children and adults.


  • 100 g margarine
  • 200 ml of warm milk
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • jam
  • ¼ packs of yeast
  • Butter


  • Dissolve the yeast in warmed milk. Add some sugar and salt. Enter ghee margarine.
  • Knead a thick but soft dough. Using a rolling pin, roll out a thick layer and squeeze out circles with a diameter of 3 cm.
  • Put a little jam in the center and pinch. Roll the ball.
  • Pour oil into the pan and fry the mugs. Sprinkle icing sugar on the donuts.
Hanukkah Donut Recipe

Hanukkah is a fun holiday that will give children and adults a lot of smiles and emotions.

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