Positive and negative value of the number 9 in numerology, magic, human life

Number 9 is the third spiritual component of the number series. In this amazing figure, many contradictory qualities have come together - youth and decay, joy and sadness, birth and death.

The beneficial effect of nine on a person depends on the depth of perception of the spiritual world. The bright state of mind is reinforced by love and wisdom. Gloomy thoughts are accompanied by loneliness and material problems.

Using the value of the digit 9

  • Number 9 helps translate conceived into reality. To properly use the energy of the number, you need to throw emotions aside. Turn off sentimentalityArm yourself with the inexorable power of the symbol.
  • The number 9 perform protective function for its owner. Guided by the highest thoughts under the auspices of the nine, you can achieve all earthly privileges - spiritual and material wealth.
  • The influence of the number 9 on a person helps to develop intuition in communication with others. Even before the start of events, one can predict possible actions.
About a human

Amplify 9 You can use the right combination of colors. Nine is accompanied by gray, olive, pale yellow, red and purple colors.

  • The number 9 has impact on professional activities. The activity that brings material income should first of all bring pleasure.
  • Otherwise you will difficult to get along in a team and fulfill routine obligations. Try to realize your own ambitions, turning them into a source of income.
  • The ideal combination for the nine is the number 1, 7 and 8. Such combinations in the date of birth have fateful influence per person. Significantly increasing the amount of positive energy.

The value of the number 9 in numerology

  • The value of the number 9 in numerology It represents the strongest sides of all other numbers. Nine helps to use human resources correctly by adding imperious and volitional qualities.
  • With the help of nine represent opposite worlds. Number 9 is the result of maximum knowledge of the world, outer space, spiritual enlightenment.
  • Nine completes not only the digital series, but accompanies end of earthly existence, symbolizes the transition to the Eternal world. Helps a person to clear himself, to let go of resentment and misunderstanding, to receive the blessing of the Higher powers.
  • Number 9 stands the central point of the universe. It combines bright feelings, the main principles of life, spiritual enlightenment.
  • Nine is the vehicle between our consciousness and the Divine world. Without spiritual development, man degrades, the body ceases to coexist harmoniously with the soul. Without the observance of God's laws, many possibilities of the surrounding world remain closed.

The positive value of the number 9 in human life

Positive numbers 9 formed under the auspices of higher forces.

  • If a person takes into account the interests of the worldthen receives in return universal love.
  • Choosing noble goals, under the auspices of the nine you can achieve maximum success.
  • The number 9 does not have material well-being. But an easy parting with money contributes to a quick replenishment of income. Before you donate, donate or share, you should think about the quality and usefulness of your action.
  • The number 9 helps to find way out of the most difficult situations, provided that the desire to correct and improve comes from a pure heart, and not from a favor.
  • Nines are always ready for open communication, sincere dialogue, upholding their point of view.
  • All endeavors are approached with inspiration and creative thoughts. The emergence of difficulties only fuels their interest. Constant desire will show skill.
  • People nines never won't turn a blind eye to injustice for material gain.

The negative value of the number 9 in human life

In numerology, not only the positive values ​​of the number 9 are indicated, but also its negative impact.

  • Her patronage often leads to excess passionsexcessive emotionality. Scandalous lifestyle becomes a demeanor, the main way to discharge.
  • Nine Poses strong connection with the past. Modern life principles and immoral behavior interfere with a person. He feels the need to appeal to the conscience of others.
  • Nine patronizes financial waste and neglect of money. Man is driven by selfish desires and defends only their own interests.
  • The number 9 prevents the qualitative disclosure of internal reserves. Man is filled desire to possess, longs for praise and attention.
  • A person who is not ready to make sacrifices is constantly worried and extremely irritable.
It has negative values.
  • They are open show their displeasure and annoyanceClaim and not be afraid to offend.
  • Nine easier blame othersthan admitting guilt about what is happening. They are often offended and jealous for no reason.
  • For nine, the internal component is more important than the appearance. Therefore, it is better not to take into account their presentability.

The meaning of the number 9 in relationships with others

  • Interaction with the number 9 leaves no chance of loneliness. A person just needs constant interaction with the opposite sex. It is in a pair that he is truly happy.
  • The value of the number 9 strengthens parental instincts. A person strives for constant care of his neighbor, but no less wants to receive warmth in his address. Nine achieves a favorable attitude of others due to its charm.
  • In the process of personality formation the meaning of the number 9 can be very contradictory. Generosity can be replaced by cruelty, disinterested acts can be replaced by pure egoism. Inconsistency in self-expression forms a frivolous attitude among others.
  • The number 9 does not tolerate imitation. She is committed to originality and originality. To do this, it is vital for her to constantly develop and learn. Both intellectual and spiritual freedom are important. Such professions as a composer, artist, designer, etc. are open for nine.
  • Nine easily gives in to bad habits. To overcome weaknesses, she needs the support of others.
  • To fully disclose all the benefits, 9 it is necessary to develop communication skills and broaden your horizons.

The magic meaning of the number 9

The number 9 is often actively involved in magic rituals and spells. To successfully complete the rites, nine items of natural materials are used.

  • No less significant is the number 9 in the Christian world. In the bible 9 spiritual fruits are listed, among which are love, peace, patience, and others. 9 gifts are presented from the holy spirit, among which are wisdom, knowledge, faith, etc.
  • In Judaism The number 9 expresses the number of methods for implementing the holy Psalms.
  • In mythology the number 9 is often mentioned in architectural descriptions - 9 houses, 9 building elements, 9 rooms.
  • In Ireland, the kingdom is deliberately divided into nine counties.
  • Relationships are usually taken into account up to 9 generations inclusive. Thanks to the nine, the cat is classified as a mystical animal, considering that it has 9 lives.
  • Human body consists of 9 unique piecesthat is God's blessing.

In black magic, the number 9 is a negative symbol, it is associated with the nine circles of hell.

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