How to knit a female snood with knitting needles: the choice of yarn. How to tie a snood: instructions for knitting a yoke with a garter stitch with two knitting needles, circular knitting needles

In this article, we will talk about how you can tie a scarf with a hand-made knitting on your knitting needles. You will learn all the intricacies of the process, and you will see a master class on knitting products in the video at the very end of the article.

When autumn and winter come, people, in order to preserve their health and not get too cold, start wearing warm clothes and accessories. And fashionistas and fashionistas generally try to update their wardrobe. If you can’t afford to change the entire winter wardrobe, it’s enough to choose a stylish and practical accessory, for example, snud, for your favorite thing. Knitted scarf-clips are now at the peak of fashion. They not only decorate winter onions, but also warm them in severe frosts.

They can also be worn as a scarf around the neck, or can be worn on the head as a headgear. Accessories are sold in stores, but if you tie a snood with your own hands, then, firstly: it will come out at a cheaper price for you, and secondly: it will fit your outfit perfectly. You will choose a good yarn of suitable color for the process, because the finished thing will emphasize the beauty of your bow. Next, consider how to knit a product with a garter stitch.

How to knit a female snood with knitting needles: a choice of threads

When the threads are chosen with taste, the snood looks noticeably paired with a coat, jacket, down jacket and other clothes of your wardrobe. It’s great that now it’s not a problem to buy any yarn in order to knit an accessory. And for a snood, practically all kinds of threads are suitable. The product is knitted from thick threads and ordinary.

Therefore, you can choose any yarn suitable for cold weather (wool, acrylic etc.) only if the thread is not strong, then weave into the product a still strong thread, which will not let the first yarn break.

IMPORTANT: If you choose a synthetic yarn for knitting, the same acrylic, note that the finished collar will not be as warm as an accessory of thread with woolen fibers.

Colors with pastel shades are popular this season. Although bright colors are also often present in clothes, and they do not give way to pastel ones. So choose the color to your liking, the main thing is that it looks harmonious with your color type, combines with your clothes.

If you like funny motifs in clothes, then choose threads that smoothly change from one color shade to another, thanks to this decision your snud will get sectional dyeing.

Gradient Yarn

Finished products made by this method look very beautiful, and most importantly you do not need to do anything, just knit a scarf-collar with a simple pattern, and the thing will acquire a pretty color.

How to tie a female snood with a garter stitch with two knitting needles: instruction

For beginners who are just learning to knit, it is better to start knitting a product with an ordinary garter knit, so you will learn to evenly make loops, not pull the thread together and will not get confused in the pattern. After all, a scarf pattern is the simplest type of knitting, you will need to knit only facial loops in the front and back rows.

And if you knit a product on two knitting needles, then do not forget to make edge loops. Remove the first loop without knitting, and always make the last loop purl. Also, to obtain a voluminous product, and to quickly tie the clamp, take the threads thicker. You will get a beautiful, warm large scarf snood.

Shawl - with acrylic threads

As a rule, the size of the clamp is best calculated individually, according to your preferences. Most often, the product has a length of about one meter. So it will beautifully wrap around your neck. And the scarf can be worn on the head.

Tips for determining the size of a hud:

  • When calculating the size of the clamp, take into account such measurements as the circumference of the head, more precisely the face, the length of your neck. Also, decide how you will wear it. So scarves in one turn fit well on girls with a long neck, and long scarves for two turns will suit almost everyone. They do not visually shorten the neck.
  • Scarves in two turns knit in the length of about 1.5-1.7 meters. And in one revolution it is desirable not less than - 85 centimeters. Due to this size, the snud will sit perfectly on the neck and will hang beautifully, forming natural folds on the product, which looks good from the side. Also, if you wear a scarf on your head, as mentioned above, consider the volume of your face.
  • Knit a width of at least 50 centimeters, now it is fashionable, and practical. After all, if you put a snood on your head, then it is necessary that the width of the product is enough to cover the back of the head and neck. It is beautiful if the width of the scarf is about 50-70 centimeters.
Scarf collar

IMPORTANT: Despite the fact that the shawl pattern simply fits, it looks great on an already finished product. See for yourself, see an example photo. That is why it is recommended to start learning to knit with this pattern. And in order for Snood to acquire his own unique chip, you can buy an accessory in the form of a brooch or other beautiful thing.

Knitting Instructions

If you have chosen thick threads for the process, then take the needles of the appropriate size. On the marking of the yarn, it is always indicated which knitting needles are suitable for knitting with the given yarn. And do not forget that for the design of smooth, plastic edges, it is imperative to make edge loops.

Prepare for the process.:

  1. Yarn for knitting products, any to your taste, whether natural or with acrylic impurities.
  2. Take a hook, it is useful for stitching a snood
  3. Buy matching knitting needles.

The process of creating a scarf:

  1. The collar should be knitted with a regular rectangle. To find out what number of loops to dial for a certain size, knit a small rectangle of ten centimeters by five (approximately) on the knitting needles. And determine how many loops in one centimeter, by simple mathematical operations. More precisely - divide the obtained number of loops in a row, by centimeters, and get an answer.
  2. Dial the required number of loops on two knitting needles, then pull one and knit the product to the required length with the front loops all the time (do not forget about the edge ones).
  3. When you tie, do not rush to close the loop. They are automatically closed by stitching the product with a hook or needle.
Knitting yoke

It is not difficult to close the loops, you need to loop each loop on one side of the snout and on the other pass the main thread alternately with a seam: loop into the loop. For a detailed master class, see the video at the end of the article.

How to knit a female snood with a garter stitch in circular knitting needles

These products do not go out of fashion for many years. And now they are only improving, designers come up with various interesting options for knitting scarfs-clamps. In addition, men are also happy to wear them under jackets and under coats. A snood, knitted with a garter stitch, is an ideal solution for both women and men.

Circular knitting snood

Next, consider how knit scarf snood round knitting.

  1. Type the length of the scarf on the knitting needles and knit the snud in a circle with facial loops all the time.
  2. So you need to tie the entire width of the product.
  3. When everything is ready, just close the loops and get a finished scarf collar.

It may be a little uncomfortable to knit too long a snood on circular knitting needles, in which case, it is better to use two knitting needles.

If you have never knitted a single thing, then to teach this process a scarf-snood with a scarf pattern will do just fine. Because you do not have to add, reduce loops in a row, count loops in a row and make crochets, etc. Just be patient and knit the product. The result will please you if you follow all the recommendations that are described in the article.

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