Professional makeup brushes: composition, form, purpose, examples of the best brands, a universal set of brushes and a set of a beginner makeup artist, accessories for makeup brushes

To create the perfect make-up, not enough high-quality cosmetics. It is important to choose the right brush.

With the help of makeup, every woman creates her own unique image. Today, there are many tricks that make it possible to look stunning even for a girl with the most ordinary appearance. But for all of them to succeed and produce the desired effect, appropriate brushes are necessary for applying makeup. They do not have to be many, but their proper selection is a necessary thing.

Makeup Brush Composition

This is an important aspect, since the pile from which they are made makeup brushes, should ideally suit the tool that you are going to apply them.


So, makeup brushes can be:

  1. In kindmade from the hairs of various animals: squirrels, rabbits, goats. As a rule, they are most suitable for dry cosmetics: powder, blush, etc.
  2. Syntheticconsisting of nylon or taclon. Such brushes are goodfor fatty products - tonal foundations, lipsticks, etc.
  3. Mixed, which is also called duofiber. They combine natural and artificial pile, and for this reason they are often painted in different colors. The closer to the base, the thicker the villi, which allows you to perfectly distribute on the skin cream base cosmetic products (tonal means, highlighters, etc.).

What are the shapes of makeup brushes?

In the variety of forms of makeup brushes, you should understand the basic principle, and then you will not have difficulty choosing them:

  1. A large brush gives a thin coating, as a result, they are usually used when applying powder or giving the cheeks a slight blush.
  2. Small dense brush, having either a rounded or flattened shape, it’s best to create a transition from one color to another when overlapping the shadowscreating haze.
  3. Flat brush most suitable for coating of uniform density, therefore it is used in order to uniformlyshade friable shadows (in this case, a brush made of natural pile is most appropriate), as well as lipstick or concealer (here it is better to take a brush made of artificial pile).
  4. Pointy tip brushes as if created in order to hold thin line eyeliner, draw straight arrows or create an image using decorative elements.
  5. If a hard bristles brushed evenly or tilted - such a brush is designed to give eyebrows necessary form.
  6. Most universal small brushes which have a shape similar to "cat tongue." Due to its small size, it is able to create many details, so it can be used when working with eyelids, corners of the eyes, and when applying lipstick.
Variety of shapes

If you think that the above forms are all, then you are mistaken. In fact, the forms depend on the goalswith which the brush is used, so there are many variations.

  • For example, intended for concealer brushes may well be "duofiber", and not exclusively synthetic, which contributes to better shading. Or you can take a natural brush, but then it should be rounded.
  • Flat fan brushes can be perfectly distributed powdery highlighter, creating a thin layer. And fluffy - itself powder or bronzer.
  • In general, the purpose of the brush follows from its shape. So, slanting helps better color distribution round brush Designed to work when the edges are not distinct, as is common shadows or blush.

Flat brushes it’s more convenient to apply a cosmetic product, and fluffy - shade.

The purpose of makeup brushes

As a rule, with a skillful approach, you can do just five makeup brushes.

Five major
  1. Foundation: take any dense brush (both flat and round). It can be used to apply a silicone foundation for makeup, and the foundation itself.
  2. Powder. It’s better to take fluffy, rounded. She applies the product lightly, thinly, creating a “veil”. Also suitable for imposing blush.
  3. Blush. A little bit smaller, denser and denserthan a brush designed for applying powder. The slice may be oblique. She shades the product well in the necessary area. Can be used with contouring with a bronzer, highlighter, dry corrector, highlighting the cheekbones or, say, making the nose narrower.
  1. Eyebrows. Worth choosing dense and hard brush which edge beveled. This will give the eyebrows the desired shape, shade the base and make the tips sharper. If so, you can create arrows.
  1. Shadows. Are applied small flat and dense brush rounded shape. Pile should be natural. Its “possibilities” are great: applying and shading shadows and a pencil, creating the effect of “smokey”, accurate outline of the corners. Some women use it to apply lipstick. By the way, it is brushes designed for shadows that are most universal.

Makeup brushes

On the face we apply foundation, blush and powder, shadows. Therefore, brushes should have at least four.

  1. For tonal foundation good pick synthetic hair flat brush, because it distributes the agent extremely thinly. Brushes for a denser concealer are similar in shape and material, but much smaller, because they are used in small areas.
For a greasy and saturated base
  1. Powder best applied with a natural wide brush. And do not forget to apply make-up pats with a brush, without stretching the movement throughout the face, so as not to disturb the foundation.
  1. Powder blushhaving a dry texture should be applied with natural brushes, smaller in size, in contrast to those used for powder. This is because blush is applied to separate areas, and not to the entire face. To distribute the product more conveniently, the edge of the pile may be beveled.
  1. Highlighter and cream blush require a synthetic brush that does not absorb the composition and easily distributes it across the cheekbones. To make contouring blush fit flat or oblique tassel. She should be enough wide and flat.
For contouring
  1. Kabuki brush It is characterized by softness, many hairs, has a round cut. Most suitable for shading bronzers.
Lots of

Eye makeup brushes

  1. Flat brush with a little "fluffiness" will best distribute the shadows over the eyelids.
  1. Rounded brush most suitable for blending, especially in the folds of the eyelidsmaking eyes pronounced. A more fluffy professional will allow you to achieve a haze effect if you use it at the borders of the colors of the shadows, mixing them in this way.
For shading
  1. Eyeliner it’s good to make a thin synthetic brush, sometimes beveled. The harder we click on it, the wider the arrows turn out, and vice versa.
Thin Result

Eyebrow makeup brushes

  • First of all - brushwhich eyebrows should be combed.
  • Secondly, flat Makeup Brush eyebrow with beveled ends, which we draw the hairs of eyebrows.
2 options

Lip makeup brushes

Usually best used beveled makeup brush, not very wide brush with dense hairiness. Such a brush will put the lipstick on the lips in an even layer and can even replace a pencil to indicate the contours.

For lips

Universal makeup brush set: what includes?

  • Based on the above qualities and properties makeup brushes you can make a list of brushes that every woman professionally engaged in makeup should have.
  • it both brushes, designed to apply and blend the shadows needed when drawing arrows (eyebrows).
  • Apply blush and powdercontour volume, for corrector, can also be used in line drawing lips; brush comb the eyebrows before staining. To use tassel or foundation cream - here it’s a matter of taste.

What makeup brushes do novice makeup artists need?

  • Beginners hardly need to purchase all of the above makeup brushesbecause they have to try and choose.
  • But in any case, they need powder and blush and, therefore, brushes for them, as well as for working with centuries (flat and fluffy). Well, of course, do not forget about eyebrows.

Everything else depends on which part of the face you pay the most attention to. In a word, during the experiments, you yourself determine the contents of your cosmetic bag.

What should I look for when choosing makeup brushes?

  • A good make-up can only be done with high-quality makeup brushes. Therefore, first of all, you need to pay attention to how the bristles of the brush look, whether they are the same, whether they taper to the tips. The pile should be dense enough to avoid hair loss.
  • The villi should not fluff, stick out or, even worse, break. If a round brush - this is exactly how the villi should lie. Well, for aesthetes and perfectionists advice: a black pen gives the brush a sign of professionalism. Try to see if the paint is well applied, if it is peeling off.
Black handle brushes - for pros
  • An important criterion is tactile sensations. The quality of the brush is indicated by the sensation that you experience when the brush touches the skin. If it does not cause discomfort, and even more so - irritation, then the brush belongs to high-quality.

Examples of the best brands of makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are developed and produced by many well-known brands, both working for professionals (mac, for example, or sigma), and in the luxury segment (armani, chanel, etc.). This is a very high-quality product, but it is just as expensive. Therefore, makeup artists advise nevertheless to give preference not to the famous logo, but first of all to quality.

Such a "middle ground" may be a brand Sinartdesigned for the needs of professional makeup artists and designed for such loads. In addition, the brand was not only made for those who work in the make-up industry, but also taking into account the wishes of the makeup artists themselves. And a huge plus is the optimal ratio of price and quality.

  • So, a flattened brush for applying shadows, for example, a flat brush for shadows probrush-9 this brand is not inferior in quality to products of a famous brand Hakuhodo, and its cost is many times less.
  • Among the well-proven brushes, professionals distinguish brushes for a tonal basis - Maestro brush, products from Armani.
  • The same brands are also recommended for concealer brushes. Brushes from Maybelline and the American brand Nyx Professional Makeup.

How to use a makeup brush?

  1. For example, you need to remove the dark circles formed after a sleepless night. It will be a mistake to take concealer directly from the packaging - rub your finger on your handAnd then, when the consistency of the product becomes more plastic, grasp the brush.
  2. Do not use an oversized brush to apply and shade the shadows, give preference to a small one that will help your eyelids look sculpted rather than dirty, as it would be with a large brush.
  3. The same applies to foundation brushes - its advantage in pointedness and flexibility, to capture every part of the face. Using a large brush, you will not be able to achieve this.
Flexibility and pointedness
  1. Bronzer and blush apply easily without pressing the brush - so you will achieve their natural look cheekbones. Make no mistake by pressing hard on the brush - so you simply create an unshaded stain on the cheekbones.
Take into account the form

Try to have for each of the cosmetics own makeup brush. If you use the same brush, applying blush and powder, bronzer and highlighter - the pigments will mix in the hairs of the brush and thus you can not get a pure color.

How to handle makeup brushes?

  • If you use makeup brushes constantly, be sure to wash them at least once a week to avoid accumulation of product residues, dirt and bacteria. Otherwise, you may have skin problems.
  • Keeping your brushes clean will help you. spray cleanerwhich should be sprayed with brushes after each use.
  • No need to wipe the brushes - just lay them on a dry towel.
  • Such drying is preferable to vertical, since water does not drip onto the handle and gets into the bonding adhesive.

Makeup Brush Accessories

  • Such things, of course, someone may find it overkill, but it’s still useful to know that in order to clean makeup brushes, created rubber mat. Its principle is simple: apply a cleanser to the surface of the mat and wipe the brush by rubbing it over the rubber. Then the brush should be washed.
  • Designed and a cup for cleansing brushes.
  • In addition, boxes for storing brushes are very convenient.
  • They are universal both for placing them on a table and for transportation.

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