Cake made of money with your own hands for a wedding, anniversary, birthday with congratulations: ideas, scheme, description. How to make a money cake from banknotes with your own hands: step by step instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a cake out of banknotes yourself. We will also offer you some original congratulations on your wedding, birthday and anniversary.

Almost everyone associates a holiday with fun, joyful smiles, pleasant words, and, of course, original presentations. With the right gift, you can express your love and respect to the hero of the occasion, and show him how dear he is to you. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to surprise a modern person with something, because we live in a world where everyone can buy whatever he wants.

Therefore, recently, people stopped bothering and began to give each other money. And although such a gift has a right to exist, he will not leave a pleasant trace in the life of the hero of the day. For this reason, if you want to give money to the hero of the occasion, but strive to do it as original as possible, then try to make a beautiful money cake for him.

How to make a cake out of banknotes with your own hands step by step?

Instructions for making a cake out of money

Money in a gift envelope has long been unfashionable and uninteresting. In view of this, if you want your present to be remembered for a long time, then spend some of your time and make a cake out of money.

In this case, you only need to decide what size your masterpiece will be and change the money in advance, for example, with a face value of 100 rubles. In addition, stock up with scissors, soft cardboard and paper clips.


  • Take cardboard and cut out circles of 25 and 15 centimeters from it. These blanks will be the basis of our cake of money.

  • Next, measure two more strips and glue a circle from them, the diameter of which will coincide with the diameter of the cardboard base. Using glue, glue these blanks together and set aside to dry.

  • At the next stage, we begin to prepare banknotes.

  • We take and carefully turn them into a tube and fix them in this position on a cardboard frame with a paper clip. We continue to attach the money tubes to the paper frame until they cover all the cardboard tiers of our ... gift cake. After you finish this activity, cut out one more circle and close the top hole of your presentation with it.

  • Next, we take our blanks and fasten them together with glue. This should be done very carefully, because if you stain the banknotes with the adhesive, then the birthday boy is unlikely to be able to use them for their intended purpose. Give the cake out of money to fix well and proceed to decorate it.

  • You can decorate such a gift in different ways. Everything will depend entirely on your imagination. You can use satin bows, natural flowers, balloons, chocolate figures.

DIY cake for a wedding

Cake of money for a wedding celebration

A wedding is quite an important event in a person’s life, so a cake made of money in this case should be as large and beautifully decorated. If two tiers will be enough for an ordinary holiday, then in this case you simply have to make at least three.

If you are not constrained in finances, you can use large denominations or, in general, dollars to create your masterpiece.

Manufacturer's recommendations:

  • We start, as the previous time, with the manufacture of the frame of the wedding presentation. To do this, cut out of cardboard three circles with a diameter of 10, 20 and 30 centimeters.
  • Set these blanks aside for a while and begin to measure the height of the banknotes that will be used to decorate the cake.
  • Cut out a sheet of paper of measured width and glue it into a circle. The diameter of this ring should be slightly smaller than the radius of the round base.
  • We fasten all the blanks together (you should get three different-sized cake tiers) and begin to attach money to them.
  • You can, as in the previous version, twist them into tubes and attach them to a cardboard base, or you can try to create a more original decor in the form of money bows.
  • To do this, you will first need to fold the bills into an accordion, and then bandage them in the center with a steel wire or a thin satin ribbon.
  • Next, you only need to straighten the bow ends and with the same paper clip attach them to the cardboard base.
  • When the decoration of the cardboard base is finished, cut the top of our cake out of money and carefully connect all the details together.
  • A cash present for a wedding is best decorated with swans, satin ribbons, bright scarlet hearts of different sizes.

Congratulation to the cake from the money for the wedding

Original wedding greetings

It is clear that even such an original gift as a cake made of money must be presented to the newlyweds as solemnly as possible. Therefore, it would be better if you think ahead of words and parting words that tell the heroes of the occasion.

You can try to rehearse your speech and intonation at home, with which you will deliver it. Be sure to beat the theme of the cake out of money and present it as a small starting capital for a young family.

Examples of congratulations:

  • Dear newlyweds! From all our big family I want to congratulate you on this joyful event in your life. I would like to wish you all the best and the best that is on our huge planet. At this moment, the most important value of your small family is your feelings. Therefore, keep them carefully, and even when you pout each other in an arc, remember what you experienced on your wedding day. Take care of each other, love forever and always strive for coziness, peace and joy reign in your home. Even the smallest difficulties do not arise on your life path. Remember that from now on you are one, so in any, even the most difficult situation, you must be supportive of each other. Let your love overcome all difficulties and hardships and live forever. Bitterly!
  • The main secret of family happiness is mutual understanding and respect for each other. Happiness is pleasant words, minutes spent together, sweet kisses, warm smiles, compliments as light as butterflies. Try to have all this always present in your life. And since love needs support, we give you this money cake and wish you that our financial investment in your family budget will bring you a sea of ​​positive and joy. Congratulations on your marriage and wish your union to be strong and happy!
  • Dear bride and groom on this significant day for you I want I wish you tremendous happiness, financial prosperity, mutual understanding and, ultimately, the most important thing, the fruits of your love. Try not to waste the feelings that led you to the altar and make your family nests cozy, warm and welcoming. In no case do not be discouraged if difficulties arise on your life path. Always remember that you have a friend with a friend, and in case of failure, substitute your shoulder for your loved one. I wish your young family a billion rainbow sunny days filled with the warmth and love of your hearts!

DIY do-it-yourself money cake

Cake from bills in the form of bows

A cake made of money can be a wonderful birthday present. In this case, you can even afford a single-tier present, everything will depend solely on the amount that you will give. The more money you are going to present to the birthday party, the wider and higher your surprise should be.


  • Prepare cardboard, scissors, paper, paper clips and banknotes in small denominations in advance
  • Cut blanks from the paper under the base and sides (do everything as we described a little higher) and glue the frame from them, to which the banknotes will be attached.
  • A little higher, we already introduced you to the information on how to make a cake with the help of cash tubes and bows. If these two methods seem very difficult for you, then try to decorate the present with a simpler method.
  • But keep in mind that your gift looks perfect, it is extremely important that the height of the tier ideally coincides with the width of the banknotes.
  • Gently, in a circle, wrap the blanks with money and fix everything with decorative gift ribbons.
  • Next, take any small sweets and fill them with the top of the cake and those places where you see white cardboard. If a cake of money is reassigned for a child or a lover of sweets, add chocolate figures to it.

Birthday cake greetings

happy Birthday
  • My dear man! On your birthday I will present you as birthday cake this original cash present. Although you are unlikely to eat it, I know for sure that it will bring you a sea of ​​positive and good impressions. I wish you were always given gifts that will make your wallet thicker and your pocket wider. I hope that my present will brighten up your working days and give you a fun and exciting weekend! May all your undertakings bring you prosperity, and success in your personal life exceed all expectations!
  • Today you are a year older. And that means that you have increased wisdom, patience and positive. I wish that your life will continue to be filled with the warmest and brightest colors, that you walk boldly through life, without being distracted by troubles and envious glances. Always stay young, beautiful and full of energy! Strive to conquer new heights, to be healthy and soul and body. Let only the kindest and most cheerful people surround you in life, and your house will be like a full bowl. Receive this money cake as a gift from us and please yourself with the most long-awaited surprise!
  • On a birthday, it is customary to wish for health and a joyful life. Since everyone if you already have it, then I wish you all your cherished dreams come true this year, and your financial condition allows you to think all about new and new. So let's raise our glasses so that happiness, luck and love are always present in the life of our beloved friend. Let fortune be favorable to you in everything and always. Always stay so sweet, kind, cheerful and welcoming. We are very pleased that in our life there is such an open and sincere person. We wish you never to lose the positive aspects of your character and always remain our closest and beloved friend!
  • My closest, dearest and dearest person, I congratulate you on the day birth! I want to say that you are like the sun to me, only with you I feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. Always be so kind, attentive and caring. And I, for my part, have always and everywhere supported you and be a reliable rear for you. I sincerely wish you to be healthy, successful and confident. Dear guests, let's drink for a real man!

Anniversary Money Cake

Anniversary money cake

An anniversary is a special date, therefore, a gift in this case should emphasize the status of a person. If you are going to present a “piece of capital” to the hero of the day, then forget about paper envelopes and please the hero of the occasion with your own money cake. How to make this original present we described in detail in the first paragraph of our article.

And if you were careful, you already know that in order to make this original present you first need to make a cardboard frame for it, and only then attach notes to it.

Since you are facing a difficult festive event, and an anniversary, it will be better if you tinker a bit and decorate the cardboard cake frame with money butterflies. How to do them right, we will tell you now.


  • To make one butterfly, you will need two bills of the same size. One of them will need to be folded accordion and subsequently give it the shape of a bow.

  • First, fold the other bill into a kind of triangle, in which the upper part is half the size of the lower one.

  • Then fold this workpiece into an accordion too.

  • Next, connect the two parts of the butterfly together and fix them with an elastic band or wire.

  • If you want your butterflies to resemble living insects as much as possible, then attach a wire antenna to it. After fastening money butterflies on a cardboard frame, decorate your gift with satin bows, fresh flowers and sparkling artificial stones

Congratulation to the cake from the money for the anniversary

Anniversary greetings
  • As a person who has traveled quite a long life, you you probably know that for a normal life, in addition to health and happiness, you also need money. Moreover, there should be so many that not only enough for food and utility bills, but also for entertainment and pleasant purchases for your beloved. Of course, we won’t give you a million, but our beautiful cake made of money can still fulfill at least one of your dreams. In addition, we wish you to live many more happy years and always remain a young body and soul!
  • An anniversary is the same birthday, but decorated with a round solid a figure. It is so in our world, but we attach special importance to round dates. On this day, we are as if summing up the results of what we have already done well and, of course, are making plans for a happy future. In order for your future life to be calm and financially secure, we present this money cake to you. And even if you can’t buy an expensive car or a house by the sea for it, for some reason we are sure that it will help you to conquer another height. Once again, we congratulate you on your anniversary and wish your life to continue to shine with bright colors and be filled with the cheerful laughter of your loved ones!
  • Dear hero of the day, you are celebrating a fairly solid date - you are 50! We know you as a person who still remains young in his soul and strives to learn something new all the time. We want you to continue to have a youthful attitude in your life, and you could allow yourself to do the most insane things. And in order for your dreams to always come true, we give you a charm from poverty - a chic cake made of money. Let our present make you happier and bring even more unrestrained fun and warm memorable moments to your life!

DIY money and candy cake

Money and Candy Cake Ideas

Since sweets are heavier than paper money, it is best to use polystyrene for making the frame. If you don’t have one, then just glue two sheets of cardboard, let them dry and only then cut out blanks from them, from which you will make the basis of the cash presentation.

Recommendations for making a cake from money and sweets:

  • Buy in any hardware store a foam material of maximum thickness, using a compass, draw circles of the desired diameter on it and carefully cut them with a wallpaper knife. If the obtained height is still not enough, then glue together two blanks of the same diameter.
  • Then take colored corrugated paper and glue the frame of the future cake. When the paper is completely dry, you can proceed to the collection of design.
  • In this case, first it will be necessary to first glue all the tiers of the cake together, and only after that put the candies on them.
  • Twist the bill into the tube of the desired diameter, fix it with a paper clip and insert the candy inside. Continue these manipulations until candy blanks and money are not enough to close all tiers of the cake.
  • After that, put the candies along the edge of the presentation frame and fix them with tape.
  • The top of such a cake can simply be filled with chocolate icing or also garnished with sweets.

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