Sanatoriums for the treatment of joints: in Russia, neighboring countries. What procedures treat joint diseases in sanatoriums?

From this article you will find out where the sanatoriums for joint treatment are located in Russia and the near abroad.

To completely cure arthritis or arthrosis, you need a long time, sometimes even a year is not enough. Of course, first you need to undergo treatment in the clinic, and a sanatorium for treating joints will help to consolidate a positive result. What are the sanatoriums for the treatment of joints? Where is the nearest hospital from you? How are joint diseases treated in sanatoriums? Find out in this article.

What procedures treat joint diseases in sanatoriums?

Relaxing and healing your health in a sanatorium is wonderful. After all, no clinic can be compared in the presence of as many physiotherapeutic procedures as a sanatorium.

The following types of procedures are popular in sanatoriums treating joints:

  • Therapeutic baths (radon, hydrogen sulfide, pearl, nitrogen, sea)
  • Mud treatment
  • Paraffin wraps
  • Treatment with bischofite or ozokerite
  • Massage
  • Electrophoresis - DC treatment
  • UVF procedure - ultraviolet irradiation of joints
  • Laser treatment of knee and elbow joints
  • Ultrasound
  • High Frequency Ultrasound Treatment
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Spa treatments
  • Physiotherapy

Joint sanatoriums in Russia

Sanatoriums in Russia treating diseased joints:

Sanatorium "Moscow Region" in the Moscow region Domodedovo district. Treatment in the sanatorium is carried out with turpentine baths, mud and physiotherapy exercises.

Video: Watch a video about the sanatorium "Moscow Region" UDP RF

Sanatorium "Blue River" in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. This sanatorium treats patients after joint replacement. At a high level, they treat with mud, radon baths and physiotherapy.

The territory of the sanatorium "Blue River"

Sanatorium "Staraya Russa" in the Novgorod region (Staraya Russa). Treatment in the sanatorium is carried out on the basis of dirt extracted from a nearby source.

Video: Staraya Russa Resort, Novgorod Region

Sanatorium for adults and children "New source" in the Vologda region, 20 km from the city of Vologda. Treatment in the sanatorium is carried out according to the method of Dr. Bubnovsky. Of primary interest is bromine-chloride-sodium water of high salinity, from which baths are made and drunk. Here adults can be treated with children.

Video: Sanatorium "New source", Vologda region

Children's sanatorium "Pionersk" in the Kaliningrad region (Pionersky city). Treatment in the sanatorium is carried out on the basis of peat mud extracted from nearby sources, and sea water of the Baltic Sea.

Video: Global Kids Fund: assistance to the Pionersk sanatorium in Kaliningrad

Sanatorium them. Abelman in Vladimir region (Kovrov town). Here the joints are treated with new technology:

  • Phytotherapy with burdock and oats
  • Mineral water whirlpool baths from local sources
  • Sauna in a cedar barrel
  • Mechanotherapy
  • Aerophytotherapy

Video: Abelman Sanatorium

Sanatorium "Vigor" in Bashkiria (October city). This resort specializes in treating joints with naphthalan (a young oil from Azerbaijan).

Video: Sanatorium "Vivacity"

Sanatoriums "Altai Castle", "Spring of Altai" in Altai (Belokurikha city). Here the treatment is based on imported mud, baths with medicinal herbs of Altai, a halochamber with sea salt, walks in the fresh clean air.

Video: Sanatorium "Altai Castle" (Russia, Altai Territory, Belokurikha resort). Review 2018

Sanatorium "Svetloyarovka" in the Primorsky Territory in the Far East (Sibirtsevo village). The treatment procedures of the sanatorium include: mud treatment, wellness baths, massage and physiotherapy.

The surroundings of the village of Sibirtsevo

Sanatorium for adults and children named after N.K. Krupskaya in Crimea (Yevpatoriya). Treatment in the sanatorium brings relief to children with scoliosis, congenital dislocation of the pelvis, adults undergo treatment after bone injuries, bone tuberculosis, arthritis, arthrosis. Treatment in the sanatorium is carried out on the basis of mud extracted from Lake Saki, physiotherapy exercises, massages, and hydropathic institutions.

Video: Children's sanatorium them. Krupskaya, Yevpatoriya

Sanatorium "Lower Oreanda" in the Crimea (Yalta). The treatment is carried out with therapeutic mud brought from the mud baths in the city of Saki. In addition to joint mud therapy, the sanatorium’s doctors use treatment with baths with sea water and various extracts (coniferous, lavender, sage, spirulina).

Video: Sanatorium "Lower Oreanda"

Sanatoria "Yurmino", "Poltava", "Saki" in Crimea (city of Saki). The main method for treating joints here: the famous silt-sulphide mud from Lake Saki, physiotherapy plus sea air and water.

Video: Presentation of the sanatorium "Jurmino"

Video: Sanatorium "Poltava" - Crimea, in Saki

Sanatorium "Dzhinal" in the Stavropol Territory (Kislovodsk). This is one of the best sanatoriums for joint treatment. Among the procedures apply the following:

  • Mineral water sources for drinking, bathing, taking healing showers
  • Herbal Baths
  • Silt-sulphide mud from Lake Tambukan
  • Speleotherapy in the caves
  • Walking in the clear mountain air

Video: Sanatorium "Dzhinal", Kislovodsk

Rus sanatorium" in the Stavropol Territory (Essentuki). Sanatorium of a new type. It treats not only arthritis and arthrosis, but also recovery from injuries. The latest equipment, experienced doctors, plus clean air and a lot of procedures reduce pain and swelling to everyone who has been treated in this resort.

Video: Sanatorium "Rus", Essentuki

Attention. Mud treatment is contraindicated if there is an aggravation of joint diseases or the joints are severely deformed and the person cannot move himself.

Sanatoriums for the treatment of joints of neighboring countries

Sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in the near abroad:

Sanatorium "Sana" in Abkhazia (Gagra city). The therapeutic baths that are held here are filled with mineral water from local sources. The hiking effects along the mountains, which are divided by complexity: light, medium and difficult, also bring a health effect.

Video: Sanatorium "Sana", Gagra

Sanatorium "Greenhouse", Ukraine, Transcarpathia (Vinogradov city). The main emphasis in the treatment of joints is made on procedures using thermal water: baths, pool, hydroboxes. For drinking there is a pump room with natural mineral water. In addition, physiotherapy exercises, clean air, walks in the surroundings will quickly put you on your feet.

Video: Sanatorium "Greenhouse" - video card

Sanatorium Kuyalnik, Ukraine, 10 km from the center of Odessa. The treatment here is carried out with mud extracted from the bottom of the Kuyalnitsky estuary. These are the following procedures: mud baths, underwater traction, mud applications.

Video: Treatment of diseases in Kuyalnik. TK Art 2011

Sanatorium "Gellert", Hungary. The world famous hospital is equipped with mineral water baths, in which there is a high content of magnesium, sulfur and chlorine. After treatment in the hospital, patients heal joints for 80%.

Video: Danubins hotel Gellert 4 (Hungary, Budapest) Gellert health resort

Sanatoriums on Lake Heviz (Hungary). The treatment is carried out by the thermal waters of Lake Heviz, which is located near Lake Balaton.

Video: Heviz - medical spa in Hungary

Karlovy Vary spa (Czech). This includes more than a dozen resorts: Pavlov, Richmond, Colonnade, Krivan, Astoria and others. All resorts conduct procedures based on the unique thermal waters of sodium sulfate with carbon dioxide. Also, to each patient, the doctor ascribes to drinking mineral water from a source, of which 12 in the resort, with water of different mineral composition.

Video: Sanatorium Pavlov Karlovy Vary

So, now we know where it is possible to treat joints in Russia and in the near abroad.

Watch the video: Sanatorium Hill (February 2020).