Why can't a person fall asleep for a long time? How to fall asleep quickly, but getting up is easy?

A person spends a third of his life in a dream, because a full sleep is a guarantee of health. And if insomnia overcomes, then you need a quick, safe and reliable way to deal with it.

A person spends a third of his life in a dream. This is a blissful time of rest and recovery, a complex physiological process that ensures human health.

What the next day will be, the emotional state and active activity of a person depends on the quality of sleep and its duration. When problems arise with sleep, its duration is reduced, and the quality is poor.

Long falling asleep and heavy awakenings negatively affect health and mental state, but they themselves are a sign of some kind of mental or physical disorder.

Treatment of sleep disorders and insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that manifests itself in severe falling asleep, shallow sleep, and early awakening. As a rule, with insomnia, a shift in the rhythms occurs, when the night's sleep gradually disappears, and instead, a good rest occurs during the day. There can be many reasons for this disorder:

  • stress and strong nervous tension
  • neurological diseases
  • mental disorders
  • somatic diseases

The treatment of sleep disorders involves determining the causes of its occurrence and their elimination. After all, having not solved the main problem, there can be no medication for insomnia. Below are the recipes and methods of alternative treatment for insomnia.

What is effective for a sound healthy sleep: folk remedies for insomnia

At the same time, while the main problem of insomnia is being solved (and this can be a long and difficult process), a person can not do without a good rest.

Taking sleeping pills is a dangerous activity that should be left in the end, when it is not possible to solve the problem of sleep disorders by other, more harmless methods.

There are some rules that should be followed to ensure a comfortable sleep, fast sleep, and easy waking up:

  • food should not be abused before bedtime and it is important to observe the golden rule: after eating there should be 2-3 hours of vigorous activity
  • those suffering from insomnia should exclude fatty and meat foods
  • before going to bed, you need to take a walk in the fresh air
  • bedtime should be spent in quiet classes, do not leave in the evening the decision of any important matters
  • if you feel a lot of tension before going to bed, you can relax in a warm bath

If the listed points of preparation for bed are met, and the long-awaited rest still does not occur, then it will be useful to turn to harmless folk remedies.

Water with honey before bedtime: recipe

A wealth of folk wisdom offers a wide range of recipes for insomnia for every taste. Among the many recipes, the most simple to prepare and not requiring many ingredients recipe for honey water.

To prepare such a miracle of an elixir, simple distilled water and honey are needed, other components such as lemon juice or mummy can also be added.

Water with honey can be prepared immediately before use or in advance. To do this, you need a glass of warm water (in no case boiled). A tablespoon of honey (preferably May or lime) is added to it. Thoroughly mixing honey water, you can put it for a few minutes to infuse and then take it inside before going to bed.

Thanks to healing water with honey, it is possible to solve not only the problem of insomnia, but also to remove toxins from the body, relieve tension and stress, and drinking such a drink on an empty stomach will solve the problems in the digestive tract.

Lavender Oil Relief: Lavender Oil for Good Sleep

Lavender is a plant with an incredible aroma that not only pleases with a beautiful view, but also is an indispensable soothing remedy. Lavender is used as a relaxant, a tool that can calm the nervous system, protect against stress and cheer up. The use of lavender both in dry form and in the composition of essential oil is common.

Lavender essential oil - a tool that will help to cope with anxiety and quickly fall asleep. It can be used as an aid to massage by adding a few drops to massage oil or olive.

In addition, lavender oil can be added to the water when taking a bath, spray 1-2 drops per pillow or taken orally by dropping two drops of lavender essential oil on a piece of refined sugar.

Soothing motherwort: how to take motherwort to sleep?

Motherwort herb has a strong sedative - its calming effect is several times higher than the effectiveness of valerian. This magical plant can be purchased at the pharmacy, where it is sold in the form of herbal collection and alcohol tincture. The latter is more convenient to use, but the presence of alcohol in the composition is a minus, as this is unacceptable for many.

RECIPE: Tincture of motherwort is taken 30-40 minutes before bedtime, dropping 30 drops into a glass of water. If you purchased motherwort grass, then it must be brewed and insisted. For this, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of herbal harvest pour boiling water and stand for 24 hours.

You can also use motherwort grass as tea and not wait for a long time to insist, taking it immediately when hot, but the effect of such a product will be significantly lower than that of a drink that is saturated with useful substances.

Teas for good sleep - chamomile, mint, lemon balm tea: how to brew?

Stress from a long working day can be removed with the help of relaxing teas, which, in addition, will ensure a healthy and carefree sleep. A similar way to combat insomnia is simple and effective, drinking medicinal tea is a pleasant activity that relieves anxiety and anxiety. Most often recommended for taking teas:

  1. Chamomile is a sedative, which allows you to relieve somatic tension and headache. Chamomile tea is brewed at the rate of 2-3 tablespoons per glass of water and drink up to 4 cups throughout the day

2. Mint - containing menthol, which calms the nervous system and makes it easier to fall asleep and provides good sleep. You can brew mint leaves like regular tea, pour boiling water and add sugar or lemon to taste. Reception of mint tea should be limited to 100 g at a time, no more than three times a day, since the intake of a large amount of menthol in the body can provoke diseases of the genitals in both women and men 3. Tea from lemon balm - thanks to the special substances in the composition of this plant, it helps to get out of depression, relieve irritability, calm the nerves, which is very necessary for a good sleep. The recipe for making tea from lemon balm is quite simple: 2-3 tablespoons of mint leaves should be filled with 250-300 ml of boiling water, and then left to infuse for 20 minutes. Tea should be drunk half an hour before bedtime, adding honey and lemon

Apple cider vinegar with honey before bedtime: recipe

With chronic fatigue and insomnia, apple cider vinegar with honey will be an excellent remedy. This mixture has a lot of useful substances in its composition, which favorably affect the work of all body systems. A special influence is exerted on the nervous system, due to which a person becomes more balanced and calm, the feeling of anxiety, tension and fatigue disappears.

For a healthy sleep, take 2-3 tablespoons of this mixture before bedtime: 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar are added to 100 g of honey. It is possible to double the dose if the expected effect has not occurred.

How to apply hawthorn for sleep?

Hawthorn berries have a complex effect on the body: they improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system, relieve irritability and a sense of aggression. Equally effective are both tincture of hawthorn and dry collection.

Enough 20 drops of tincture three times a day for general calming and improving sleep. Berry picking must be boiled in boiling water for 15 minutes per 20 g of berries per 100 ml of water. The broth is taken before meals, one tablespoon.

Milk with honey at night for sleep: the benefits of milk with honey, a recipe

Drunk milk before bedtime with honey will allow you to forget about insomnia and sleep soundly, seeing positive dreams. This effect is provided due to the presence of a specific amino acid in milk - tryptophan, which enhances the production of the hormone of happiness. This completely eliminates feelings of anxiety, fear, anxiety and excitement.

At the same time, honey has a whole range of useful substances, among which are specific sugars of fructose origin, which satisfy hunger for a long time. Since such sugar breaks down for a long time, for a long time the body will not need food, and the resulting carbohydrates will improve the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Folk remedies for quick falling asleep: tips

Among the multiple reviews of sleep aids, the most popular are:

  • peony tincture
  • dream grass
  • sagebrush
  • poppy inflorescences
  • pumpkin
  • valerian
  • knapweed

There are a lot of folk remedies to combat insomnia, but not all of them are effective and equally beneficial for the body. In any case, it is necessary to seek the help of a specialist if insomnia is systematic, and not episodic.