Irritation after shaving: in the intimate area of ​​bikinis, armpits, legs, face. How to get rid of irritation after shaving?

Causes of irritation after shaving with a machine. Means for their elimination.
Women are extremely scrupulous in maintaining their beauty and attractiveness. Since ancient times, they have practiced hair removal to be desired by men.
With the advent of the razor, more and more representatives of the beautiful half give him preference. This is a quick, cheap and easy way to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body, including its sensitive areas.
Let's talk more about shaving the intimate area of ​​a bikini and its consequences.

Why does shaving irritation appear?

delicate skin after shaving
A razor in contact with the surface of the scalp cuts off unwanted vegetation at different angles, depending on its direction of movement.
If the hair was cut too low above the surface of the skin, then the cells of the latter, trying to recreate the integrity, connect and eliminate the presence of pores for hair growth. The latter reach the "ceiling" above themselves, twist and grow down. Therefore, skin irritation is observed. Its causes are also:
  • weakness of hair follicles and hair growth
  • thick epithelium over the hair follicles
  • old razor with blunt blades
  • repeated movements with a razor in the same place
  • Incorrect technique for the procedure for removing unwanted hair in the intimate area of ​​a bikini

How to avoid irritation after shaving the intimate area of ​​a bikini?

irritation in the intimate area of ​​a bikini in a girl looks like a cactus
The best ways to avoid the problem of irritation after shaving in the intimate area of ​​a bikini will be:
  • selection of a sharp male razor
  • regular change of the machine with a frequency of up to 5 procedures performed by one
  • shaving as hair grows, not against
  • the use of special tools for this procedure, refusal to shave dry or with soap
  • Shaving after taking a hot shower / bath when body and hair are steamed
  • applying a soothing cream / lotion
  • regular peeling after shaving
  • If you can’t take a hot shower, soften the bikini area with warm water or herbal decoctions
  • After shaving, do not wear underwear immediately. Walk about 10 minutes without anything so that the skin is saturated with oxygen. The next day, give preference to linen from natural fabrics to avoid friction of irritated skin
  • With constant prolonged irritation of the bikini zone, go to depilatory creams. They are more convenient due to the spatula and aftershave that are inside the box. But the minus of such crosses is their smell

Treatment of irritation in the intimate aftershave

treatment of irritation after shaving the intimate area of ​​the bikini
If irritation after shaving torments you with your presence, try one of the following options to eliminate it:
  • juice of aloe growing at home on the windowsill. Cut the cloves and divide the leaf in half. Wipe the affected area
  • baby cream, or butter, or powder
  • mash aspirin in tablets and dilute in warm water. Rub the gruel into the skin of the bikini area before shaving. After it, treat the pubis with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, if you do not have particularly sensitive skin in the bikini zone
  • go to the electric shaver
  • change the blades of a classic razor after each session
  • chamomile decoction in the form of lotions of the sensitive area of ​​the body
  • change underwear. Refuse synthetics and too tight styles. In the process of wearing, they irritate already wounded skin and create additional microtrauma
  • Panthenol, chlorhexidine, miramistin, bepantene and similar pharmaceutical spectrum drugs
  • tea tree oil will soothe severe skin irritations
  • cream depilator - the latest option, if others do not save you from pimples and itching in the bikini area

How to quickly remove irritation after shaving the intimate area?

aloe juice eliminates irritation after shaving
Depending on the nature of the manifestation of irritation of the intimate zone, they will quickly help get rid of it:
  • cooling if you feel very itchy after shaving. For example, rinsing with cold water or wiping the skin with dry ice
  • fresh aloe juice or a soothing cream containing it. This method is suitable for those who feel tightness and dryness of the skin of the intimate area
  • hormonal creams and ointments containing zinc. They have a very quick soothing effect and relieve itching. Their minus is addiction and harmful effects on the skin with prolonged regular use
  • a decoction of medicinal herbs of chamomile, mint, string, celandine, sage in various combinations will cool, relieve itching, redness of the skin

After shave irritation

girl treats irritation after shaving with cream
Means that cope with irritation after the razor can be:
  • pharmacy
  • cosmetic
  • folk, or based on decoctions of herbs
  • alternative
So the first group includes:
  • hormonal creams
  • ointments with zinc
  • alcohol, hydrogen peroxide
  • antipruritic preparations in liquid and creamy forms
  • ointments from skin irritations, for example, bepanthen
  • antibacterial creams that should be used when a serious injection inflammation of the skin occurs
To the second we define:
  • special shaving gels and foams
  • lotions, creams and their derivatives after the process of hair removal with a razor and wax. Usually their composition contains gammamelis, aloe, salicylic or glycolic acid
We will talk more about the third group in the next subsection.
The fourth group is represented by:
  • electric razor
  • depilation creams
  • salon procedures for hair removal for a long period

Folk remedies for irritation after shaving

alternative methods to combat irritation after shaving
Traditional medicine for shaving after the skin is represented by decoctions and infusions of herbs and their elements:
  • dried daisy flowers
  • mint leaves
  • fresh lemon and aloe juices
  • fir cones
  • birch leaves
  • Oak bark
Prepare infusions from dry ingredients and water, let them ripen for at least one night.
A broth reaches a good concentration in half an hour or an hour after it is removed from the fire.

How long does shaving irritation go through?

To answer this question, consider:
  • skin type
  • shaving technique
  • use of special products before and after hair removal with a machine
The duration of irritation is considered acceptable - day or night. Especially if you practice shaving after 48 hours.
Longer irritation is a signal to use special pharmaceuticals or to consult a dermatologist.

After shave irritation: reviews

delicate legs of a girl after shaving with a machine
Svetlana, administrator of the beauty salon
Often, in order to save time, I practice shaving with a loom in the intimate area of ​​a bikini. Earlier, irritation was a constant occurrence after the procedures. Experimentally, I found ways and secrets for myself that help to avoid this. I love chamomile broth and use only special cosmetics for shaving with a machine. Red spots rarely appear and there is practically no ingrown hair.
Inna, student
I like to shave with a machine. Cheap and affordable in almost any environment. Mom from childhood instilled in me a love of homemade aloe. There is more that it is very useful for wounds, abrasions, irritations. They soften the skin after shaving with a machine.
Perhaps every woman at least once tried to shave the intimate area of ​​the bikini, legs, armpit area with a machine. Knowing the correct depilation technique and remedies against irritations, you will keep your skin healthy and fair.
Be healthy!

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