Numerology of numbers by date of birth. Numerology of fate, marriage, love, wedding date, character, name, surname by date of birth

This article will provide an opportunity to touch the secrets of the ancient science of numerology.

  • Huge information is embedded in the date of birth of a person or the date of an event
  • Possessing this accessible information, having studied simple calculations, you can become a true expert on human characters.
  • Thanks to this knowledge, an interesting completely unexpected landscape of the universe opens up. Everything previously incomprehensible becomes easily explained.

The value of the date of birth in numerology. The number of fate by the date of birth in numerology

Date of birth value in numerology

Date of birth forms the fate, interpersonal relationships, abilities, energy of any person. The value of numbers for any date makes it possible to make a new fate, using the magic of numbers.

This magic number is the sum of the constituent digits of the date of birth.

If a person was born on September 13, 1965:

one + three + nine + one + nine + six + five = thirty four

Fateful number person:

Three + Four =Seven

What information does the figure about the nature of its owner carry:

  1. - aggression, unfounded ambitions, leadership qualities, enormous determination, moderate ambition. A person with a unit in the name knows how to achieve the goal
  2. - restraint, complaisance, harmony in all aspects of life
  3. - optimism, great talent, increased intuition, slight imbalance
  4. - practicality, reliability, hard work, lack of qualities of riskiness
  5. - activity in achieving the goal, adventurism, optimism, independence, unpredictability, resourcefulness, ingenuity
  6. - truthfulness, friendliness, stability, reliability
  7. - mystery, talent, intelligence. The desire for loneliness. Often are hermits
  8. - determination, hard character, achieve a high financial position. Stable, reliable
  9. - successful, strong, achieve worthy status and status, huge wealth

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How to determine the character by date of birth in numerology?

Definition of character in numerology
  • To determine the nature of the date of birth, add the date and month
  • This is the number of your main character.
  • Deciphering the nature of the character by numbers is described above

Numerology of a name and surname

Numerology named

When analyzing the surname and name, one should take into account for what purposes the forecast is needed:

  • If for business, we take for analysis the form of appeal that you are being addressed to, that is, the full name and surname, or surname, or maybe just a name
  • For relationships in the family - we choose, then the appeal, as relatives treat you, it can be an affectionate name, nickname or just a name
  • The same applies to other relationships that interest you.

Giving a name, parents give the child certain abilities and power corresponding to that name.
Patronymic and last name is a patrimonial inheritance.

This type of calculation allows you to determine the energy name and surname. Do they help you or create difficulties?

This will allow you to learn more about yourself and look at yourself from the side.

Each letter of a surname, name and patronymic corresponds to a number from one to nine. In numerology, there is no zero.
To do this, write down your name and surname on the sheet
Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number:
A-1, B-2, V-6, G-3, D-4, E-5, Zh-2, Z-7, I-7, Y-1, K-2, L-2
M-4, H-5, O-7, P-8, P-2, L-2, M-4, H-4, O-7, P-8, P-2, C-3, T- 4, U-6, F-8, X-5, Ts-3, Ch-7, Sh-2, Sch-9, Y-1, L-1, E-6, Y-7, Y-2

The number of the name characterizes the developed abilities, while the number of the date of birth analyzes the natural data of a person.


  • We determine the number for each letter of the name
  • We bring the amount to a single value
  • We treat in accordance with the value of the figures according to the above decoding.

Numerology of marriage by date of birth

Marriage of numerology

Successful or unsuccessful marriage, according to the date of birth of partners is determined by the number of date of birth of each spouse.

  • Add each date separately

For example, a wife was born 15. Her number is 6 = 1 + 5.

  • The husband has a birth date of 3, his number will be 3
  • Add two numbers
  • Marriage number will be 9

We look at the table and analyze:

Marriage numberInterpretation
1None of the two seeks to yield to each other. The marriage will not last long
2Domestic problems can ruin a marriage if you do not work together to resolve them.
3Very harmonious steam. Love that is rare
4Passive friendly couple. It can exist for a long time, until one of the two wants sex on the side. Do you want to keep the marriage, pay more attention to sexual relations
5One of the partners is very easy in the relationship. She’s not even trying to become a family man to stop having an affair on the side. Want to keep the marriage, stop
6Long family life guaranteed
7A happy union, but too much worry about your well-being
8A strong couple who will successfully overcome all difficulties. But you should trust each other more. Distrust leads to internal insecurity
9Perhaps this is not the case when it is time to run to register a relationship. Take a closer look at each other

Numerology of love by date of birth

We determine the reliability of relationships using numerology

The number by which it is possible to determine the compatibility of love relationships is calculated by adding up the month and year of birth to a single indicator.

  • Birth dates are taken by both partners
  • Stack separately
  • And then the resulting numbers are added up again. Just like in the previous example

We apply the values ​​for the forecast of love relationships:

Number of loveRelationship Description
1Two purposeful people who set their goals above love. Either combine your efforts in one direction, or you will have to leave.
2Dependence of partners on extraneous opinions. Learn to make decisions together without interfering with other people.
3 Superficial relationships. If you do not make efforts to mutual understanding and sincerity, not very long relationships are possible.
 4 Perfect couple
 5 The stability of relationships will add to the birth of children. Together you can achieve much if you support each other.
 6 Do not be afraid to confess your love, restrain your jealousy. And only then you will become a harmonious couple
 7 Relationships that will help you gain a lot of experience. They will not be simple, but very necessary in order to be a happy and harmonious couple in the future. The main problems will be associated with material difficulties. Learn to overcome them together. And there will be no happier couple in the entire universe
 8 You are completely different. If you want to maintain a union, you need to develop spiritually, turning a blind eye to each other's shortcomings
 9 Mutual understanding, development and support of each other, guarantee of good relations. You will depend on the opinions of other people - love will not stand the test

Numerology events by date of birth

Numerology events by date of birth

The most significant events in life can be calculated by adding to the year of his birth the number that this year consists of. With the received year, we do the same score.

For example, year of birth 1981





  • Significant years for a person born in 1981 will be 2000, 2002, 2006, 2014
  • It is during these years that important events will take place in the life of a person, on which his fate depends
  • It can be both good and bad events.

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Numerology wedding dates by date of birth

Numerology of the wedding date. It is possible to determine the appropriate date for the wedding celebration if you add the birthdays of the bride and groom, taking into account the year and month.

If the sum is more than 12, we bring to a single-digit number.

For example, if 14, then 1 + 4 = 5.

So in May, the best time to register a marriage.

To clarify the date, we add up all the figures of the birth of the bride and groom. And divide in half. If it is an even number, then the wedding should be held in the second half of the month, if not even, then in the first.

We select a specific wedding date by mutual agreement.

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Tarot numerology by date of birth

Very difficult, but worthy fortune telling in numerology by date of birth and tarot cards
  • The method in predicting by date of birth can be done using the value of the tarot cards
  • You can get good advice by analyzing the age of the person of the corresponding year, with reference to the value of the cards
    For this, all the digits of the date of birth are added, so that the amount does not exceed 22
  • For example, if you get 23, then add 2 + 3 = 5

We analyze the resulting figure by comparing it with the corresponding Tarot deck card of the major lasso

  1. Magician
  2. High priestess
  3. Empress
  4. The emperor
  5. High priest
  6. Lovers
  7. Chariot
  8. Justice
  9. Hermit
  10. Wheel of Fortune
  11. Strength
  12. Hanged
  13. Death
  14. Moderation
  15. Devil
  16. Tower
  17. Star
  18. Moon
  19. The sun
  20. Court
  21. The jester
  22. World
  • This method allows you to identify the energy potential of an interested person. Tell his future and past
  • Plunging into the Arcana of the Tarot, the whole life path and mission of any person is fully revealed. You can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the personality.
  • This is a more complex and in-depth forecasting process. In addition to knowledge of numerology, it is necessary to know the meaning of the lasso of the deck. Feel the energy of the cards. Without meditation practices and yoga skills, you can get distorted information
  • One must be very careful not to harm a person. An unprepared predictor may incorrectly interpret the information received. The result - a direction on the wrong path, a distortion of the fate of man
    Fortunetelling of the Tarot is a deep knowledge of access, which is not open to everyone.

How to determine fate in numerology: tips and reviews

Are the numbers really important in our lives?
  • Light fortune telling by numbers will not do any harm. Even if you don’t like something as a result, do not be discouraged - it’s just a fortune-telling
  • A man builds his destiny himself. For the sake of entertainment, counting numbers, laughing and forgetting is one thing.
  • But to calculate according to numerology, having delved into all the calculations, to analyze all the pros and cons, to make an important decision is another
  • Everything in life is relative. How do you react to numerology, such is the result and will be

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