Shungite cream-balm for joints - composition, side effects, reviews: how to use the product?

The article has detailed information on how to apply Shungit cream-balm if joints hurt. You will also find out what side effects the drug may have.

The unknown name of the cream-balm - Shungit, immediately causes a desire to find out what the word means. Shungite is a mineral (carbon-containing). Outwardly, it is a black stone. It was first discovered in Prionezhie in Karelia. Then the mineral was called an adobe stone.

People noticed that the mineral has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. And Peter the Great built a resort called Martial Waters at the location of shungite. Basically, all the nobility lived there. Only at the end of the nineteenth century the mineral was renamed shungite, thanks to the name of the village of Shunga, where it was discovered.

Shungite cream-balm for joints - composition, when effective?

Cream-balm for the joints is a finely divided shungite, mixed with a number of other natural components that have beneficial effects on cartilage, joints, bone material. The action of the cream is based on the effect of fullerenes on these tissues. These molecules are powerful antioxidants that can suppress the oxidation process of the building material of the body with their free radicals.

The cream-balm contains various substances, among them:

  1. Eucalyptus oil - This product has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect on the joints and has an antiseptic, antibacterial effect. Most often, an extract of eucalyptus is used to combat rheumatism and arthritis with a pronounced pain syndrome. Eucalyptus is able to regenerate damaged articular and cartilage tissues.
  2. Availability vitamin e slows down the aging of bones and joints. Thanks to it, the antioxidant effect of the cream increases.
  3. The warming effect after using the balm occurs due to the presence in the composition of the drug red pepper extract. It also helps stimulate blood circulation in muscle tissue, etc.
  4. To enhance the positive dynamics of the drug, extracts of hawthorn, thyme, nettle, and St. John's wort are used.
  5. Besides - nettle is the most direct source of organic silicon. This component is important for the restoration of joint material and for the production of collagen.
  6. BUT St. John's wort - This is an antiseptic that can prevent harmful bacteria from spreading, which can destroy the structure of the balm.
Cream-balm Shungit. How to treat joints?

Shungite for joints significantly affects the normalization of metabolic reactions, enhances the blood flow of oxygen, blood in the areas of application of the balm. That is why the recovery process of the building material of bone tissues, joints, cartilage tissues improves.

Therefore, the joints after using the cream-balm are more resistant to destructive factors of various kinds. And excipients improve the positive effect of Shungite on the joints by eliminating pain, warming up, and reducing inflammatory processes. After using the drug, patients feel relief and restoration of the motor functions of the joint material.

IMPORTANT: If you want to apply Shungit cream-balm, then without fail, before using it for the first time, test it. To do this, take a little balm and apply on the outside of the hand. If there is not any irritation for twenty minutes, then feel free to use the tool.

Shungite cream-balm for joints - how to apply?

It is recommended to use the ointment according to this scheme: clean the skin in the area of ​​inflamed joint tissue. Then squeeze a small pea of ​​cream-balm on your hand and rub it with massage movements in the area of ​​the inflamed joint. It is advisable to rub the ointment until it is absorbed inside. To soothe pain, wrap a sore spot with a woolen scarf.

For the best effect, use the cream three times a day, and do a warming dressing for the night. Improving the patient's condition comes quickly. But do not stop using the balm immediately after the pain subsides. The course of therapy should be three to five weeks.

Shungite ointments

Side effect of cream-balm Shungit

Almost none of the users complained about the side effects of Shungit. After all, it does not have toxic substances in its composition, completely consists of natural components. Skin irritation is very rare. Basically, they affect people with hypersensitivity to the skin. Irritation on the epidermis is manifested due to the presence of red pepper in the cream.

Shungite cream-balm for joints - reviews

After monitoring reviews of Shungit cream-balm, it was found that this remedy copes with joint pathologies. It is recommended by many experts and the patients themselves.

Sinelnikova Svetlana Nikolaevna, neuropathologist, 44 years old:

Treatment of pathologies of joints, ligaments is complex. As a warming cream for anesthesia and relieving inflammation, I often prescribe Shungit balm to patients. This drug is effective in various diseases of the joints, spine.

Mikhailovsky Viktor Ivanovich, therapist, 52 years old:

Patients with various pathologies of joints and bone tissues often turn to me. Basically, the root cause of many of them are age-related changes. After all, the older the patient, the worse his health. Affected joints require additional care. Cream-balm is ideal for this purpose. Cream perfectly relieves inflammation, relieves pain. Thanks to natural substances, the state of articular tissues improves, and stiffness passes.

How to treat joints?

Patient reviews about this drug are mostly positive, more detailed below.

Maria, 38 years old:

My legs are often swollen and my knees hurt. That is why I bought in a pharmacy on the advice of a pharmacist Shungit. The effect of the drug is manifested quickly. After the first application, the pain almost disappeared. Also in the morning, puffiness subsided. A good tool and not very expensive.

Valentina, 48 years old:

After forty years, she noticed that her joints started to hurt. The doctor recommended comprehensive treatment. It’s still bad that I have varicose veins, it’s difficult to pick up an ointment. The surgeon advised to use Shungit in addition to tablets. The remedy really helps with pain, I rub it on my knees twice a day. If you want to quickly remove inflammation, then try balm, at the same time and get rid of pain.

Natalia, 37 years old:

Joint diseases haunt our family. My grandmother’s knees hurt, my mother’s hurt, and now it’s mine. It is good that the pharmacy has a lot of creams, gels, from these pathologies. I decided to try natural Shungite. He has all the ingredients harmless, because natural. Using the tool is very simple, and convenient. Only one minus is a specific aroma. But this drawback is overlapped by its effectiveness. It quickly suppresses pain, contributes to an overall improvement.

Maria 64 years old:

My doctor advised this balm to me. Cream-balm has a low price and is enough for a long time. It is not very difficult to use the product, it is enough to apply it on a sore joint and wait until it is absorbed. After several times of applying the cream, I noticed a significant relief. The joints stopped hurting, and she began to feel better. I definitely advise you to try it.

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