Bowel cleansing with castor oil. How does castor oil act on the intestines?

The article will open the trailers for bowel cleansing with castor oil. It will tell about the benefits and contraindications of this cleaning method.

Castor oil began to cleanse the intestines a long time ago. This product has a rather unpleasant taste, because a large number of combinations of castor oil with other ingredients and fruits that have a milder and more pleasant taste have appeared.

The oil itself is obtained by hot or cold pressing from an African plant of castor oil. The plant belongs to the genus of small-tip. In our countries, this plant began to be bred in the 19th century, the first plant samples were brought from Persia.

How does castor oil affect the human intestines?

In castor oil, the main part is recinoleic fatty acid, approximately 90%, as well as linoleic, oleic, stearic and palmitic fatty acids in the composition of oil.

This oil has found application in many fields, including cosmetology. However, its main area of ​​use belongs to gastroenterology. Castor oil has a strong laxative effect, mention of this is even in children's tales. Its effect is as follows. Once in the intestinal lumen, the oil irritates the receptor apparatus of the mucous membranes, causing increased peristalsis. The laxative effect of the drug manifests itself after 4 hours on average after its use.

How to cleanse the intestines at home with castor oil?

An indication for the bowel cleansing procedure is the presence of not only constipation, but also diarrhea. This indicates the presence of pathological microflora in the intestinal lumen, which must be removed. Such conditions lead to bloating, increased gas formation, headaches, decreased performance.

Bowel cleansing with castor oil is a fairly radical method, but effective. There are many recipes for this procedure, we will talk about them below. It should be noted that you can not just take and just drink castor oil. For this procedure, the body must be prepared in advance.
The procedure is usually carried out before bedtime. And during the day you should follow a certain diet. At lunch, you can cook light food, but the rest of the meals (afternoon snack and dinner) need to be canceled. This will avoid the unpleasant feeling of nausea after taking the drug.

The dose of castor oil is always selected individually for each person, depending on body weight. Since the drug is approved for use from childhood, for them the calculation is according to the child’s body weight. The intake is calculated on the basis of a proportion of 1 g of castor oil per kilogram of body weight.

After the procedure, dietary nutrition should be followed for several days.

How to take castor oil to cleanse the intestines?

Do not forget that castor oil has a rather unpleasant smell and, like all oils, is not pleasant to receive in its pure form. Our body is practically not able to absorb this fatty substance in its pure form, therefore it is recommended that after taking castor oil in liquid form, drink it with lemon juice to improve its cleavage in the intestinal lumen. We will also discuss the recipe for this procedure in our article below.

Also, do not forget that the onset of the cleansing effect, which will come closer in the morning, will cause certain inconvenience, frequent and plentiful urges to defecate. Therefore, you need to choose one day off on which you do not need to attend work or leave home for a long time. Spend this day at home, where you can safely take care of your health.

Kefir with castor oil for bowel cleansing

One of the methods people have tested for bowel cleansing is the combination of castor oil with kefir. Kefir is also an acidic product and will help break down castor oil fats. In some cases, bran can also be added to this scheme to enhance the effect of cleansing with coarse fiber.

For the procedure, it is necessary:

• Following a low-calorie diet for several days
• On the day of the procedure, do not eat after 14 hours (after lunch)
• Take 1 teaspoon of castor oil
• 1 tablespoon of bran powder
• 1 tablespoon of kefir with a low percentage of fat and mix everything
• Take a warm mixture before going to bed on an empty stomach

After the procedure and cleansing the intestines, follow a dietary diet for another 3-4 days.

Bowel Cleansing with Castor Oil and Cognac

Antiparasitic properties are attributed to this method of bowel cleansing. It is believed that the addition of brandy to the cleaning mixture causes parasites living in the intestinal lumen, a state of paralysis. That parasites as a result of this cannot be fixed on the mucous membranes and with the laxative effect of castor oil, they are excreted from the body naturally.

For the procedure, it is necessary to carry out the preparation, which we wrote about earlier. We will also need:
• Castor oil
• Cognac with a minimum of 5 stars
It is recommended to carry out this procedure in the morning according to the following scheme:
• Drink 50 grams of cognac on an empty stomach
• Then drink 50 grams of castor oil
• After 5-7 minutes, drink sweet tea

The effect is not long in coming. To achieve the desired effect on the expulsion of helminths, the procedure is recommended to be repeated up to three times. At the same time, enema is contraindicated in this technique.

Such a cleaning method is not recommended more often than 1 time in 2 years.

Castor bowel cleansing with lemon juice

We have already mentioned this method. As with other methods of cleaning the intestines with castor oil, we initially prepare our body. Apply oil before bedtime.
• We measure the amount of castor oil at the rate of 1 gram per 1 kilogram of body weight and heat
• Squeeze lemon juice in a pure, non-diluted form, without adding sugar, in an amount 2 times more than oil
• Drink warm castor oil and drink it with lemon juice

As in previous cases, after cleaning, we observe a dietary regimen for some time.

Contraindications to bowel cleansing with castor oil

As with any procedure and any other medicine, there are contraindications for castor oil:

• Pregnancy. When using these methods in early pregnancy, excessive intestinal activity and active peristalsis can cause reflex contraction of the uterus and its hypertonicity, which will lead to the threat of premature termination of pregnancy
• Chronic inflammatory and ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
• Nursing mothers. Due to a certain dehydration measure during bowel movements, the composition of milk may change and affect the baby’s health
• Children under 12 years old
• Poisoning with toxins, which tend to dissolve in fat. This may worsen the symptoms of poisoning.
The remaining conditions are not contraindications to the treatment of constipation with castor oil. However, in any case, you must consult a doctor.

In case of side effects after cleansing the intestines, it is also necessary to consult a doctor.

May occur:
• Pain in the digestive tract
• Headache
• Nausea
• weakness
• Increased blood supply to the pelvic organs

Doctor's advice on bowel cleansing with castor oil

Experts do not recommend the frequent use of this method. As with other laxatives, the frequent use of castor oil can lead to the formation of the so-called "lazy intestines." This is a condition in which the intestine is not able to cope with its function adequately without the use of laxatives.

Also, a fascination with this method of cleansing the body can cause the development of a serious disease, enterocolitis.

Experts note that cleansing in this way is not a very pleasant procedure, but it has its positive effect. One of which is the natural origin of the laxative, and not artificially synthesized, and the fact that the price of this drug is affordable for people with the most modest incomes.
Castor oil bowel cleansing: tips and reviews
After reading a lot of reviews about the proposed method of bowel cleansing, we note some of the points indicated in them.
People who use castor oil purification methods in their practice of treatment note an average weight loss of about two kilograms after the procedure.

Request! Do not use this method as a weight loss method. Weight is lost due to a certain dehydration of the body and the removal of intestinal contents. This is not a way to lose weight in any case.

The effectiveness of the method and its simplicity are noted. Patients can quickly and without hitting the budget can solve their delicate problem.

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