Asian spikelet with knitting needles - a lazy Asian spikelet for beginners, a classic version. Asian spikelet with knitting needles: knitting pattern on a knitting needles in a circle

In the article you can find a description, photos, about how to knit a pattern - an Asian spikelet. You will also see a detailed master class on this topic in the video.

Now for knitting this or that thing, you can find many very beautiful and original patterns. Asian spikelet is used by many needlewomen. And not for nothing, because such a voluminous pattern will perfectly decorate any warm clothes, especially it looks good on cardigans. True, yarn on it will not work. Yes, and you need to stock up on free time, because knitting is a long process. Next, we will study in more detail how to knit an Asian spikelet on the needles, which is based on a simple openwork pattern.

Asian spikelet with knitting needles - lazy pattern for beginners

The pattern is a pretty voluminous spikelet. The image below shows an example of an Asian spikelet. It is used for knitting, as already mentioned above, cardigans, vessels, plaids, coats, sweaters, hats. The resulting products warm in the cold and look great on fashionistas. You can associate a beautiful three-dimensional drawing with different options.

Asian spikelet on the knitting needles

This option is suitable for those who are not very well versed in the technique of creating a pattern. Volume lazy drawing can be connected by two methods. The first option: you should knit the loops in parts row after row, after they close, then dial again.

If you knit in the second way, then in the first row, a set is performed immediately, and then the loops are closed. The pattern is knitted separately.

According to the second method, in the 1st row, you need to dial and close the loops, and the pattern is knotted separately. At the same time, keep in mind that the number of finished rows, loops typed on two knitting needles, may vary with the scheme. The only thing required is to take into account that the finished thing will be smaller.

First method

Immediately determine the required width of the pattern. After all, you can’t start collecting loops until you know their number. The number of stitches can be from four or more. If you want a wide spike, then gain more loops. Spikelets are more suitable for plaids, stoles, scarves, and small patterns harmonize on sweaters, sweaters, etc. Even when creating a pattern, consider the thickness of the threads, knitting needles. When you type loops, do not forget about the edge ones.

Knitting the front side of an Asian spikelet with knitting needles

Type eighteen loops on the knitting needles, then knit as follows:

  • In the first row, knit sixteen stitches, except for hem, L.P.
  • In the second row, knit the same sixteen stitches with purl.
  • In the third, begin to knit a grain whose size is six stitches in width, ten rows in height. Knitting pattern: knit the hem, 5L.P., turn and 6I.P. also knit eight rows.
  • To get a new ornament, in the thirteenth row, knit 6L.P. on the right knitting needle, 3L.P. from the left knitting needle, then you need to turn.
  • In the fourteenth row, knit 6 I.P., leave the three loops without knitting.
  • Continue further knit loops, as in the third or thirteenth row. The next pattern will start on the 23rd row.
  • Knit the fabric to the desired length, at the end you will get six stitches on the knitting needles.
Spikelet on the knitting needles

Now you need to tie the other side of the ear. First, perform one row of I.P., and the second - L.P. Next, knit as shown below.

Wrong asian spikelet with knitting needles:

Turn the part to the wrong side, continue to knit the loops, but in the opposite direction. If you do everything according to the description, you get the perfect spikelet with a symmetrical pattern.

  • In the first row, knit an edge loop, then 5 I.P., turn and knit 6L.P.
  • In the second row, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, knit according to the same pattern.
  • In the eighth, knit 9 stitches I.P.
  • In the 9th turn the knitting, alternate I.P. with L.P.

When you reach the last row, then compare the halves of the spikelet and close the loops.

IMPORTANT: If according to the sample you want to calculate the number of rows for a certain length, then most likely you will not succeed. Under weight, the product will stretch down.

The second method of knitting an Asian spikelet with knitting needles

How to knit a pattern?

Step-by-step master class:

  1. From the first to the sixth row, knit the fabric with the front surface. If you want a relief pattern, then make fewer rows with front stitch, for example - 4-5 pieces.
  2. All rows of odd knit L.P., and even rows - I.P.
  3. From the seventh row, start closing the middle 20 stitches and close them in stages. To do this, knit the tenth front loop, move the eleventh from the left knitting needle to the right, transfer the thread behind it, just transfer the 12th loop and close it through the eleventh. And using the same technology, close all the loops - 20 pieces. Then knit L.P.
  4. In the eighth row, tie 10L.P., dial 20 loops, 10I.P. In total, 40 loops are obtained on the knitting needles.
  5. Repeat from first to eighth row.

You can repeat this rapport until you get the required length of the product. After that, assemble the spikelets in one pattern. Turn the knitting to the other (wrong side).

Thanks to the twisting of the two strips, the spikelet comes out by itself. And the third strip passes through the loop of the 2nd, such a pattern is repeated to the very bottom. If you want a three-dimensional pattern, stretch all the strips tighter.

Asian Spikelet With Knitting Needles - Classic

The classic knitting pattern will be clear even to beginner knitters. The main thing is to know the basics of knitting.

Before starting the knitting process, prepare yarn, knitting needles of the required size.

Knitting Pattern - Asian Spikelet

Type the number of stitches that is a multiple of six. Count the edge loops in the same amount. Then proceed according to the scheme:

  1. In the first row, which consists of 6 loops, knit L.P. After stopping the knitting process, and turn the fabric over.
  2. In the second row, knit six I.P. And so knit six stitches to the tenth row.
  3. The eleventh row already fits in a different pattern, first knit six stitches of L.P., then tie another 3L.P. Then you can rotate the canvas.
  4. In the twelfth row, knit 6 I.P., then turn the knitting and so knit ten rows of these six stitches.
  5. Using this technology, knit 10 rows in 6 stitches each time. At the same time, take 3 knitted earlier, 3 next ones that are on the left knitting needle. Knit until the entire row is knitted.
  6. After, tie the two rows, first facial, and after the wrong side of the stitch.
Two-knitting pattern

In the second part of the process, the whole knitting pattern is repeated, but start knitting on the inside, and instead of knit ones, knit I.P. do it to change direction.

Asian spikelet with knitting needles: knitting pattern on a knitting needles in a circle

After the process of knitting a pattern on two knitting needles has become clear, you can start knitting an Asian spikelet on circular knitting needles. The goal of creating this spikelet variant is a seamless product design. It is not so simple, but still possible.

Knitting instructions for Asian spikelet:

  1. Start the knitting process with a set of stitches. To do this, dial six loops, plus the edge. For the sample, we collect forty-nine loops, close in a circle. Then knit the whole circle face.
  2. In the second row, knit only from the first to the fourth loop. And the first one is the edge, it is simply removed. Knit eleven rows with the front stitch., The last row in any case should be knitted only L.P.
  3. In the next row, knit three stitches from the knitting needle in your left hand. Turn and knit 6 stitches. One loop remains on the right needle - this is the hem.
  4. Knit eleven rows of 6 stitches, then enter three stitches on the left side. Continue again to knit eleven rows with six stitches on the front surface, the last row is always L.P.
  5. Now repeat the knitting process across the entire width of the fabric. When already knit the very last eleven rows, then connect the canvas in a ring. To do this, knit the edge loop with the last.
  6. Turn the part to the other side - knit three I.P. Then knit only these three loops. And knit them in the front rows, then the last, hem.
Knitting pattern on circular knitting needles

If you act according to the given scheme, then a seam will come out, but on the finished thing or accessory it will not be noticeable. After, perform two rows of facial loops. Turn the product, continue to knit the pattern, which is described above in the instructions, but from the inside. Start with four loops, then tie three loops through eleven rows each time.

When you complete the whole process, you get such a detail, as in the figure below.

How to knit an Asian spikelet on circular knitting needles?

After the descriptions given, you may still have some questions that the video will give you the answer at the end of the article. There you can clearly see how to knit an Asian spikelet pattern.

Watch the video: 3D WHEAT - knitting pattern for Chinchilla fur coat cardigan. (February 2020).