Japanese Beauty - Oriental Skin Care Secrets

To be beautiful even in old age, it is important to pay attention to how Japanese women take care of themselves. The most important secrets of beauty you will learn from the article.

The most successful in the fight against aging are Japanese women. These women seem to have no age. Of course, one cannot exclude the genetic peculiarity of the skin of Japanese women. However, every Japanese woman knows what to achieve such beauty results, she regularly helps with the use of special natural remedies and procedures for the care of her appearance.

Japanese Beauty - Oriental Skin Care Secrets

Asian women have long conquered the world with their beauty and grooming. Millions of European women dream of discovering the oriental secrets of youth preservation. So what is Japanese beauty?

Secrets of oriental skin care:

The effect of "porcelain" skin

  • The standard of beauty for Japanese women is white, clean skin. In this case, European women are more fortunate. By nature, Japanese women have a yellowish or dark skin tone.
  • The cult of white-faced beauties so high that it definitely affects the quality of social life of Japanese women.
  • To meet the standards of beauty in Japanese, Asians have to avoid tanning and use products to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays. Japanese women use whitening compounds in everyday skin care not only of the face, but of the whole body.
  • To achieve porcelain skin effect decorative cosmetics with a whitening property helps.
  • Applying rice powder on the face is one of the easiest and most affordable Asian ways to correct skin tone. For European women, cosmetics with a whitening effect seem strange and useless products.
  • Few European beauties know that such remedies are excellent. assistants in the fight against age spots, freckles and mask well wrinkles.
  • However, use these cosmetic products with caution. It is necessary to take into account the distinctive features of European skin: thin, fair skin can hardly tolerate a high concentration of acids and other active components necessary for lightening.

The active ingredients in the composition act on natural melanin and can cause burns for sensitive skin. You can use such funds, not more than once a week - by precisely applying to problem areas.

Face cleansing

  • Asian women are particularly attentive to the skin cleaning system - even without using makeup, the Japanese woman thoroughly cleanses her skin of impurities.

The modern beauty industry in Japan, produces many face cleansers: gels, hydrophilic oils, foam for washing, masks for deep cleaning of pores, pastes for exfoliating the skin, mousse, powders, wipes and cotton pads soaked in a cleansing composition.

  • All these products are used to regularly cleanse the skin of makeup, external impurities and remove a layer of dead skin cells.
  • Japanese woman twice a day, before morning and evening washing, applies a special oil composition to her face. Hands massage the skin for several minutes along the massage lines. Then it washes off the rest of the product with water. This procedure is repeated at least three times in one wash.
Oil cleansing
  • It should be noted that for dry or sensitive skin just once. Peeling and scrubs occupy a separate place - they are used for deeper facial cleansing.
  • Oriental beauties use this method after washing: apply a clean hot towel to the face to expand the pores. After the pores have opened, gently apply a peeling agent or scrub to the areas of the forehead, nose and chin.
  • Light rub the abrasive particles of the product over the face in the direction of the massage lines with massage movements. Leftovers washed off with cool water.
  • Widespread popularity in the field Japanese beauty acquired a special powder for cleansing. It exists in two types: with enzymes - for oily skin and without abrasive particles - for sensitive skin. Such a powder can be used in pure form, as well as enrich the means for washing with it.

Washing with decoctions of herbs and rice water

  • A special role in the daily care of themselves in Asian beauties is washing with water enriched with various healing decoctions and tinctures.
  • Japanese women add fresh plants and flowers to the water for washing, as well as natural decoctions: roses, lotus, kelp, peony, lily, green tea.
  • Classic remedy for face care is rice water. Raw rice is soaked in clean water, the resulting white water is poured into a separate container and used for its intended purpose.
Rice wash
  • Rice tincture - perfectly tones and evens out skin tone, narrows the enlarged pores and saturates the skin with vitamins E, C, B. Such water can be used to wash not only the face and body, but also hair: use instead of hair conditioner.
  • Based on rice water and clay powder, Japanese women make face masks. Rice water is found in every house of the eastern beauty - this is the main cosmetic product.


  • Before the testament stage, after cleaning and washing, a Japanese woman treats prepared facial skin tonic or lotion. This is a very important step in the beauty ritual for Japanese women that they never miss.
  • And if you stick to the system Japanese beauty in skin care, you should definitely stock up on similar remedies.
  • The tonic composition removes the remnants of cleansers, closes pores, moisturizes and soothes the skin. In addition to standard tonic fluids, there are lotion masksthat do not contain aggressive substances and alcohol. They look like a transparent, liquid gel with a moisturizing effect.
Tone up
  • Any of these products can be applied to the skin with cotton discs. Japanese women believe that this application is the most delicate for the skin.
  • In addition, women often leave discs moistened with the composition for some time on the skin - using them instead of a refreshing face mask.

Creams, serums for rejuvenation

  • The final step is - applying anti-aging serum and cream to the skin. Japanese women select these funds based on the individual characteristics of their skin and age threshold.
  • Japanese cosmetologists do not recommend the use of creams and serums with the effect of rejuvenation for women who have reached the age of thirty.
  • For young girls, it is better to limit themselves to the following stages of the procedures: cleaning, treating the face with a tonic and moisturizing the skin with a light cream or gel.
Step by step
  • Asian after 30 years actively use serum in complex application with cream.

Serum has a composition enriched with beneficial substances - it enhances the effect of the cream on the skin and helps it better penetrate the epidermis.

  • It should be applied before using cream. It is believed that at this moment the skin receives all the beneficial substances for rejuvenation.
  • It is allowed to add serum to the cream, if this is allowed by the manufacturer's instructions. Oriental women like to apply creams on the skin, which contain natural oils and components.
  • Recent sensational favorites in Japanese cosmetology have become snail-based mucus cream. These products have the ability to improve the epidermis regeneration process, and also moisturize the skin up to 95%.
  • Creams are also popular among Asian women. bee and snake venoms. Such components in a low concentration help maintain skin tone and actively fight the expression of facial wrinkles, thanks to tightening properties.
  • On the shelves of Japanese cosmetic stores, you can find creams, the ingredients of which contain the most exotic ingredients not characteristic of the European manufacturer.
  • But this is what distinguishes eastern cosmetics - Japanese women are intensely monitoring the quality of products from manufacturers, preferring the naturalness of the composition.

Anti-aging nutrition

  • Do not forget that the real beauty of a woman is formed from the inside. In order to maintain youth it is necessary to care not only for your appearance, but also to monitor your health.
  • Japanese women know a lot about this - there are many long-lived women among them, as well as those who lead an active lifestyle until old age. The reason for this is the regular consumption of fish and seafood, green tea, rice, soy and vegetables.
  • Japanese food contains a large amount of antioxidants, is rich in iodine and healthy fats. All of these components are anti-aging. Animals and milk fats are extremely rare in the diet - in small quantities. Japanese cook steaming. Instead of mayonnaise, vegetable or fish sauces are used.
Beautiful view is the key to many factors
  • Asians eat little, but drink a lot of water - up to 2 liters per day. Of the drinks, preference is given to all types of herbal and green teas. Separately, it should be said about hydrogen water, which is the main source Japanese beauty. This amazing fluid has a thousand-year history.
  • Water comes from natural sources, its hydrogen-rich composition protects collagen and helps keep the body young. Hydrogen water stops the oxidation processes, regulates blood sugar, improves the digestive system, removes toxins from the body. Use the hydrogen composition of water to make anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Hydrogen-based cosmetic products actively react with the skin, helping it to better absorb beneficial substances. It should be noted that hydrogen water has become the favorite drink of the Japanese imperial dynasty.

Facial massage treatments

  • Women in Japan are ardent fans of massage techniques. Massage of the facial zone occurs constantly: during washing, during the application of cosmetics and even at the time of makeup removal.

Japanese women are confident that the active stimulation of individual points improves the outflow of lymph and blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin.

  • Also effective water massage - it helps tone the skin, restores firmness and elasticity, removes puffiness. Among the beauties of the East, techniques of lifting massage for the face are common.
  • Thanks to these techniques, in Europe appeared Facebook building - gymnastics for the face, the art of which was owned by Japanese geisha.
  • Using every day massage techniques, Japanese women maintain facial skin tone, do not allow the facial muscles to become flabby and stop the aging process.

Sleep and stress management

  • Oriental women have a special attitude to sleep and rest, Japanese women try avoid stressful situations and overwork, because they believe that these are the main enemies of beauty.
  • Relieve stress and fatigue long walks, cycling help. For more active women - martial arts classes. Often classes take place in the fresh air - saturation of the body with oxygen, helps in the fight against insomnia.
  • From childhood, little Japanese girls are taught to stretch the muscles of the body, every woman supports this elasticity throughout life. To relieve emotional stress, a Japanese woman does exercises to stretch her muscles.
Japanese beauty
  • It is believed that such static exercises have a beneficial effect not only on muscle tone, but also soothe the nervous system - they include the natural levers of the body's recovery. Active sports are not as popular among Japanese women as spiritual practices and relaxation sessions.

Japanese philosophy of beauty

  • The key rule for looking after Japanese women is regular adherence to a comprehensive, phased ritual of care behind the face and body.
  • Japanese women realize that this process is long. To look perfect, you need to devote enough time to your body and health and not to neglect the basic requirements.
  • For Japanese beauties, regular self-care is not just a routine process, but a philosophy of life. An oriental woman knows how to remain calm, while she diligently achieves results throughout her existence.

The philosophy of beauty in Japanese is to maintain the appearance bestowed by nature - not to clog the body with harmful substances throughout life. Then, to maintain beauty and youth, a minimum of energy is required.

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