Are there mosquitoes in Cyprus in May, June, July, August, September?

When are mosquitoes in Cyprus?

Many people wonder if there are mosquitoes in Cyprus, because there are a lot of legends about these insects. There is an opinion that mosquitoes are full in Cyprus, but there is an opposite point of view that they are not there at all. In this article we will tell you in detail whether mosquitoes are present in Cyprus and how dangerous they are for people.

Are there mosquitoes in Cyprus in May, June, July, August, September?

It is worth noting that this resort place is characterized by high humidity and temperature. It is an ideal place for the development, growth and spread of mosquitoes. Accordingly, in this corner of the planet there are a huge number of them. But do not be afraid to go to Cyprus because of insects. Please note that here insects differ significantly from our domestic relatives in their features. The fact is that they fly much less noisily and fly up to a person almost invisibly. Our domestic mosquitoes are very buzzing and intrusively flying, sitting on their skin or clothing. In Cyprus, the peak of mosquito distribution is observed in April and May, as well as in September-October.

In the remaining time frames there are not many. Of course, the number of insects depends on the weather and on the specific area. Accordingly, in dry areas, where a small number of reservoirs, there are no lakes, a small number of mosquitoes. It is also worth considering the area in which you are located. Because there is always a decent amount of mosquitoes near a reservoir. Pay attention to the weather. Usually mosquitoes fly when there is practically no wind; the weather is hot and humid.

Mosquitoes in Cyprus

In windy times, there are practically no mosquitoes. It is worth noting that mosquitoes in Cyprus are smaller than ours. They practically do not buzz, but they sting rather painfully. You can escape from these insects using standard substances called repellents that repel bloodsuckers due to their smell.

For this purpose, you can use clove essential oil or a standard mixture of vinegar, sunflower oil, and any shampoo in equal amounts. Such a mixture stains clothes, respectively, during the period when a huge number of mosquitoes fly, it is better to wear clothes that are not a pity.


When to go to Cyprus so that there are no mosquitoes?

It is also worth considering the hotel in which you live. If it is located in an area near which there are lakes, as well as tall grass, it is likely that mosquitoes will prevail over you. It is worth giving preference to asphalt, concrete floors or short-cut lawns. Although they are the nursery of mosquitoes, if the grass is tall.

Of course, it is impossible to plan your trip, focusing on mosquitoes. Because even in the month when there are very few of them, that is, in August and July, you can still get on the weather, which will contribute to the reproduction and a huge number of bloodsuckers.

Mosquitoes protection

In order not to be upset and not to waste your energy fighting mosquitoes, it is better to take care of special means in advance. We advise you to bring along special sprays, ointments, lotions that are applied to the body and help repel mosquitoes. The most sensitive to bites are children, people who sweat a lot. This is due to the fact that children have very thin skin, it easily bites. Accordingly, mosquitoes do not have to put a lot of effort in order to get enough. Remember that females mainly bite, males do not bite.

Planning a trip focusing on certain months in which there are no mosquitoes is not worth it. Because even in those periods when there are few mosquitoes, you can get on the wrong weather. It can contribute to their reproduction and distribution. We advise you to make sure you get vaccinated against dangerous ailments that mosquitoes in Cyprus carry.


It will not be superfluous to also take with you antiallergic drugs that will help absorb redness and reduce itching, if you are bitten by insects.

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